1-Andro is one of the best prohormones in existence and great for a first time user!

A West Texas A&M University study showed that with a clean diet and solid weight training program, 11 pounds of muscle was obtained while using 1-Andro. As a result, the study compared it to a milligram to milligram injection of testosterone enanthate.

This compound does not convert to estrogen or DHT. Because of this,  estrogen and hair loss will not be an issue for most people. It produces lean and steady gains, however it can, temporarily lower good cholesterol. It can also cause some lethargy if you aren’t taking in enough calories or pairing it with a test base like 4 Andro.

Today’s 1-Andro products are not methylated. Hence, damage to the liver like most steroidal products are unlikely. The liver contains the necessary enzyme needed to convert 1-Andro into 1-testosterone, but this process does not in any way harm liver function.

1-Andro converts into 1-testosterone through a two-step process. 1-testosterone is more potent than the natural testosterone the body produces. Additionally, 1-Andro has an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 1 to 2.

Benefits of 1-Andro

Enhances lean muscle mass
Reduces body fat
Improves strength
Lessens recovery time
No DHT conversion, so hair loss is less of a problem
No estrogen conversion, so gyno is highly unlikely
Zero bloating from water retention
Great for your first cycle


Possible Temporary Side Effects of 1-Andro
Back pumps
Increased blood pressure
possible lethargy
Possible Reduced sex drive if you don’t pair it with 4 Andro. 
Mild Joint pain


What you need to look for in a great 1-Andro product

Generous Dosing

You need to use 1-Andro for 4 to 8 weeks to see the maximum benefits. Most people will start to notice results around the third week. The sweet spot for 1-Andro is around 300 milligrams per day so you will probably need more than 1 bottle. Therefor, you are going to want to get the highest dose available with as many serving per bottle.

No Proprietary Blends

Try to avoid anything that does not list the exact amount of 1-Andro on the label. A common trick in the supplement industry is masking ingredient amounts with ‘proprietary blends’. Many companies claim to use ‘proprietary blends’ as a way of keeping competitors from stealing their ideas. However,  most the time they just use it as a way of ripping off the consumers because they don’t have to disclose how much of any ingredient is being used in the product.  You should avoid any products that are masked with proprietary blends.

Liposomal technology

The reality is that DHEA compounds lose 86% of their potency as they travel into the bodies blood stream. Liposomal Technology was created 50 years ago to help transport drugs effectively through the body. Our bodies’  have a low absorption of fat soluble molecules such as 1-Andro.  And as a result, only about 14% of the actual product get into enter the blood stream. With Liposomal Technology, the bio availability is 99%.

Liposomes protect the compound from the digestive enzymes that would normally be responsible for prematurely breaking it down.

Grapefruit extract for greater absorption

Bergomottin is an organic chemical compound found in grapefruit juice. The grapefruit juice effect alters the metabolism of pharmaceutical medications. In a double-blind study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, subjects were administered  1 Andro with Bergamottin.  It was found that grapefruit extract obstructs the enzyme CYP3A4, to heighten the concentration of medication in the blood. As a result, it enhances the bio availability of 1-Andro for maximum absorption.


What is the best 1 Andro product on the market?

I have tried five of the most well known 1-Andro products that are out right now. And the most well rounded one out there right now is Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-Testosterone . It has the highest dosage as well as the grapefruit extract and liposomes to increase absorption.

Primeval labs was what I used to take but they stopped making it and Hi-Tech is only thing that I have found that works as good. Its the best bang for the buck and gave me the most gains every time I took it.  All the other brands are too underused. But, they claim to make up for it by attaching esters that create a more sustained release of the compound. I didn’t experience any significant benefits from the attached esters and I honestly think they’re just marketing hype. The value is in the dosing.

A1 Supplements always runs specials where you can usually get them at BOGO.


As of fall 2017, Primeval Labs will no longer be selling prohormones. Fortunately, EPG Supplements has a 1-Andro product that is just as effective. There seems to be a witch-hunt with a lot of supplement companies and I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets banned soon.

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