The 10 Pillars Of Wealth is a very well written and easily read book for anyone looking to become successful.  I firmly believe that a good book easily hold your attention. If a book is a good read, i can usually knock it out in just a few days. I finished it in four days because it provided solid information and was very entertaining. Alex Becker explains in-depth concepts on accumulating wealth in ways anybody can relate to.

Some of the examples he uses to teach are a little on the extreme side. Some of his stories that he uses as examples are downright hilarious. Either way, he does a fantastic job of relating these concepts through his examples. Somehow, he rides the line between pure genius and a perverted cartoon character.  The thing that I like the most about Becker’s writing is his blatant honesty. He tells you exactly why most people don’t succeed and that there’s a chance you will not succeed either. Unless, you understand and implement the pillars that he discusses into your daily life.

The best description that I could give this book, is to call it a modern version of  Think and Grow Rich.

The 10 pillars of wealth represents the ideas and thought processes universally shared within all successful people. Furthermore, these pillars are usually not found in poor, lazy, or comfortable people.  Most people who already come to understand these ideas had done so by going through extreme hardships first. Becker wants to give you these lessons while allowing you to skip the painful process normally required to learn them. He gives you the Keys to success. However, it is you that must unlock the doors. So, lets go over what this book can teach you.

Rejecting getting rich slow

This is a major part of obtaining true life of financial freedom. Everything that everyone ever thought you about becoming successful is completely wrong.  Alex often refers to people he calls traffic fighters. A traffic fighter is a person who fights traffic every morning to a job they are miserable at. Unfortunately, these are the people that have been educating and giving advice to us for decades. However, they are certainly least than qualified to be telling us how to accumulate wealth and success. We are advised to go to school, get a good job, and retire when we are old. This is supposedly the most low risk way to reach success and happiness. But, by the time you reach it, you will probably be too old to truly enjoy it.  Doing this is actually a risky gamble in which you are hoping for the best.

Too many factors must  take place in order for this get rich slow and safe mindset to work. 

  • You do not die in the next 30 years
  • Your health isn’t jeopardized
  • You do not loss your job
  • The company is not outsourced or become obsolete
  • The company stays successful
  • The economy doesn’t tank
  • Your investments don’t collapse
  • Our currency system stays strong

Your mind, what you learn, how has you work, and everything you do is what controls your success.

Chances are that at some point, something negative WILL happen. Almost every one of the factors puts control of your life in someone elses hands. By following this broken concept, you are allowing your financial well-being to be decided by everything except you.  Getting rich quickly is actually less risky because you control everything. Just like any skill, at first you will not be very good at it. However, the more consistently you work at and apply effort, the better you will become. Even if you fail 5 times, you only have to get  it right once to become rich. Rather than spending 40 years to MAYBE get there one day.  Your mind, what you learn, how has you work, and everything you do is what controls your success.

So, when you take control, the following things apply.

  • You are in complete control of your life, not any one or anything else
  • You can get better at anything as long as you are consistent and determined
  • Failure only results in lessons learned which will push you further to your goal. No matter how many times you fail, it only takes on time of getting it right to become rich.

Separating time from money

Becker explains that you can develop a system that trains employees to constantly sell the same way you do. So, instead of just you selling, you can have ten people selling.  Allowing you to create massive action that will lead to greater returns.

One of the most important aspect of financial freedom is separating time from money.  To do this, you must have your money work for you rather than you work for your money. The greatest way to do this is to have multiple flows of income through these passive forms of income.

Passive income is the ability to accumulate money without actively putting in consistent time to earn it.  You see, when the majority of people need extra money, they decide to get a part time job. Then, they are paid in accordance to the amount of hours they have labored. This form of earning is known as active income. Passive income can be earned while you sleep or take a shower.  You put some form of initial investment of time or money at first. Then, you can create cash flow without constant labor to produce your income.

There are many forms of passive income such as selling e-books, affiliate marketing, and real estate investing. You can go HERE to see our article on how to achieve financial freedom through passive income.

Assume responsibility for everything

This is one of the biggest mindset shifts that you will have to make to achieve success. Nothing in your life will change unless you change first. Taking responsibility for every single thing that happens will allow you to take complete control. Even if something seems completely out of your hands, assume responsibility and figure out what could have been different.  Once you take control of everything, anything can be made possible if you choose for it to be.

Mapping out actions to achieve goals

Alex Becker basically provides you a step by step system to accomplish your goals. He takes the ultimate goal and breaks it down to smaller goals which are to be achieved first. It is a very logical process that castrates the complexity of achieving your big goal.

Not focusing on too many small details

People that think too much about perfecting  every single detail, often do not succeed.  These people often quite out of frustration because they could not perfect the situation. This mindset often hinders us from moving forward and actually taking the necessary steps needed in becoming successful.  Alex explains that getting caught up in too many of these small details often stagnates our advancement because we fail to see the big picture of what is actually possible. You need to be less focused on small details and more focused on taking massive action to create a greater chance of success.

Far too often, people focus more on “what if” rather than “what is”. Too much thought is spent over-researching and worrying about every little thing  to mitigate anything that could go wrong. This put them in a state of paralysis, where opportunities are constantly passing us by.

At some point, something is going to go wrong. You WILL make mistakes. However, you must use that as learning experiences to allow yourself to further progress towards success. You can use failures as references as to what not to do in the future!

Surrounding yourself with people that help you advance in life

At some point, you have to understand you must be better than everyone else to succeed. This ideology will require you to hold yourself accountable for everything. You will eventually realize that nothing in your life will ever change, if you yourself does not change first.

A major part of this will involve surround yourself with others that can help you to reach your goals. Humans are a product of their environment and the people you surround yourself with can have an enormousness influence on your life.



These are just a few of the concepts Alex Becker touches on with The 10 Pillars of wealth. However the true money shot comes with the final chapters of the book. He explains why you must choose success at any cost and that the book is completely worthless unless done so.  There is also a bonus chapter on the different types of businesses that you can start and what each will entail. He also explains the pros and cons of each, as well as which type he suggests for beginners .

The 10 Pillars Of Wealth is certainly one of the best books that I have ever read. I actually place it right up there with Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule and Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad. There is a certain level of candidness and blunt honesty that you will see in The 10 Pillars Of Wealth that you probably won’t find in any other book.  This is an absolute must read for anyone who desires greater success in life or is a beginning entrepreneur.

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There are a million opportunities that are available today that did not exist just 10 years ago. Many people just don’t know how to take advantage of those opportunities. Many people have ideas that often never come to fruition due to procrastination. There is a price for procrastination, and it is the loss of hopes and dreams.

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