They say that you cant live your life with regret but there’s no doubt that most of us have things we would change if given the opportunity.  The world doesn’t care if your successful or not and it doesn’t owe you anything.  So, its easy to fail if you aren’t aware of the right steps to take in life.

Next to puberty, young adult hood was the most confusing time of my life. I was now a man but didn’t know shit from Shinolah and made a ton of mistakes along the way. If I could write an advice filled letter to my younger self, it would go something like this…

Spend less time partying and more time in the gym

I spent so much of my younger years partying and getting wasted. Sure, I had some great times but the epic hangovers would often take me out of the game for an entire day in which absolutely nothing got accomplished. Hell, I probably caused damage to my body that took years to fix.

I’m not saying that you should never have a good time but building a body that you can be proud of is more more important.

Weightlifting can teach you alot about yourself on a very deep level. As a Man you should look strong, be able to defend yourself, and learn discipline that comes lifting iron. You’ll discover that you were able to push  beyond pain thresholds that you never imagined.  You will overcome obstacles and limits that you once thought were  unobtainable. Focus and intensity become part of who you are.

And rather then destroying your body, you’re building an external representation of who you really are. Once you get in your 30s, you’ll look back and wish you had spent more time in the gym. And less time eating like shit and partying all night.

College is not always the answer

If your not sure of your career path, the worst thing you could do is pay thousands of dollars for college. Honestly, unless you’re going to be a professional like a doctor or accountant, college is a complete waste of your money.

I really didn’t know what I wanted to do after high school but I was completely sold that I needed to go to college and get my basic courses done. That way, whenever I did figure it out I would be ready to jump right in. Well, the problem was I absolutely hate being told what I’m supposed to learn. And most the crap they teach has absolutely nothing to do with the career field your seeking.

The truth is that college is a multi-billion dollar industry. That’s why it is constantly shove down your throat the entire time you’re in high school.

Being around college students too much can also turn you into a sissified social justice warrior. Just look at how some college students acted when Trump won. Professors gave them play-dough and hot chocolate because they just felt so hopeless and sad. That’s just pathetic!

It doesn’t get you anywhere in Life to act like a weak little bitch.

There are a million opportunities that are available today that weren’t even around 10 years ago. And if you read about successful people, you’d find out that most of them were self-made. Most went to the school of life rather than a university. Experience and determination will almost always get you further than a degree.

As someone who has managed several different  companies, I’ve interviewed people with very impressive degrees who couldn’t even get hired at McDonald’s.

Associate yourself with people that are older and more accomplished than you. Especially entrepreneurs and self-made business men. Shadow them and pick their brains to find out how they became successful. Determination and perseverance will always get you further in life than anything else.


Do not make women the priority

Do not base your self-worth on how many women you have in the pipeline or the number of girls you slept with over the year. There are plenty of women around the world that you can the opportunity to be with. And let me tell you that the girl that you’re interested in whenever you’re 19, probably isn’t the same chick you’re going to want to be with when you’re 30.

Some of the women I was with when I was younger, I wouldn’t  have anything to do with them now. Most of them were more focused on having money blown on them rather than anything else.  Its my experience that young women have very materialistic outlooks on life.

Guys does need to experience different women throughout life. That way, he has a better understanding of what he’s looking for when he gets ready to settle down.

I’ve had a lot of buddies who got married right out of high school. Every single one of those marriages ended in divorce.  In each case, they either cheated or found out they couldn’t stand each other after a while.

Keep life in perspective, play the field,  and dont solely focus all your energy on hooking up with girls.


Become financially literate and don’t piss your money away

I really wish that I read the Richest Man In Babylon when I was 16. There is a way to enjoy life while also having money for your future. But the problem is that we live in a society  based on instant gratification through material possessions. I would blow my paychecks on dumb crap like Booze, CDs, and girls when I should’ve been putting some back to invest in things that would make my money multiply itself.

We don’t teach financial literacy at all in America.

So I would just use my credit card when I got in a  tough spot with my bills. Which was the worst thing I could’ve ever done. That shit haunted me for years before I can get it paid down where I can start saving my money. Which leads me to the next one….

Don’t use credit cards

Use cash instead of credit. Buy now and pay later is a dangerous mindset for a young person. Credit cards definitely have the power to conjure very bad lifelong spending habits. You see, credit is like a drug for many people because they feel like they can live without consequence.

The only way I would ever recommend a young person having a credit card would be if it had been extremely low limit of just a few hundred dollars. This will be used only in absolute emergency situations like your car is fucked or your air conditioner went out and you just don’t have the cash to get it taken care of. And in that situation I would pay that fucker off as soon as possible!

Now at some point in life, you may need a card to build up credit so you can make financial investments. Checking Credit history is the banks way of making sure that you’re a responsible person before they loan you a shitload of money. This is where that credit card that fixed your hot water heater might come in at. But again, I would never use a credit card to buy anything like groceries or clothes. If you don’t have enough cash to buy food, you just need to figure out how to work smarter and harder.

Or, as I like to put it, you need to learn how to hustle!

Time is not an renewable resource

I regret not buying more real estate starting this website 10 years ago. There were times where I layed in bed all damn day instead of kicking ass and crushing goals. I spent too much time with people that had absolutely no drive and I wasted my time with things that got me nowhere in life.

I thought that I had an endless amount of time to do anything that I wanted. What I didn’t realize was that the entire world and all of its opportunities were passing me by.

Ive heard many people say “enjoy your youth because after you hit 30 it’s all downhill from there”.  Every single person that told me that was saying it out of regret. They never had the balls or the the fire inside to do whatever it took to have the life they wanted and live out their dreams.

If you feel unsatisfied with your life, then hear this right now……

Somewhere inside of you is a spark inside that is waiting to be  an uncontrollable inferno. Live every day like it might be the last opportunity for greatness.  If you do, you will not have regrets.

The internet is full of endless opportunities

Today, web-based businesses are among some of the largest and most successful in the world. Entrepreneurs all over the world are now using technology to create businesses and sell products or services. There are a million opportunities that are available today that didn’t even exist as little as 10 years ago. The power of the internet has made many things possible.

Do you know allot about a particular skill or subject? Writing and selling an e-book is an excellent source of passive income. An e-book is especially great if you own a website or blog. With an abundant amount of traffic or audience, it is not difficult to introduce the book into that marketplace. Consistently market the e-book on your website and you can literally sell it while you sleep through electronic downloads. The best part is that you will be able to keep the profits because publishers are no longer required.

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Learn not to be dependent on other people to get reach you goals

The only thing that you have in life is what you take for yourself. No one else really gives a shit about you and how far you get in life. The world does not care if you are successful and it does not owe you anything. People are selfish and are going to let you down. The sooner you realize that, the more independent you will be.

This is YOUR life and you have to treat it as such. Don’t expect handouts because all that does is make you weak. Understand that the majority of people in your life are going to let you down at one point or another. And it is not their fault that this happens, rather your fault for not coming to terms that people do this to each other. Lower your expectations of people and take the wheels of your own life.

Work ethic is everything

I would’ve been an unstoppable force if I had the work ethic after high school that I have today. And I would definitely consider myself a lazy guy back then because I just didn’t have the drive or know where to find it. I didn’t really want know where I wanted to go with life and I didn’t think that success was possibility for me.

I’m here to tell you you can have whatever you want if you are willing to put in the work and do whatever it takes.

There was a book that I read called Think And Grow Rich that completely change my view on work ethics. That book showed me that through the power of your brain, you can literally accomplish anything that you want.

Your life does not have to be mediocre or meaningless. Find something that you have passion to do and learn to love the daily grind to make it a success. If you love what you do, work does not feel like work!

Read books about becoming successful

Books are one of man’s greatest assets along with his brain and body. They allow you to understand the entire lives of human beings. If you’re able to understand their mindsets, learn from their struggles and failures, and obtain knowledge that can change your entire life. I really wish I took more time to read when I was younger and understand the things that I know now. Please see my resource page for a list of books that every man should read.



So, this is where you can have the opportunity to help out the young and hungry on their Journey to greatness!

Leave a comment on some advice you wish you would tell your younger self…