Do you remember the first time that you lifted weights really hard? Were you sore as hell for a few days? Well that soreness is the body growing and repairing itself. That soreness is what Arachidonic Acid does.

Arachidonic Acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body that is made up of Omega-6 fatty acids. You get a burning sensation caused by lactic acid buildup  when you have a strenuous workout. The body then starts signaling chemical reactions to elicit repair and growth by causing inflammation to that muscle. Arachidonic Acid is one of the chemicals responsible for that process.

We get a small level of Arachidonic Acid in the food we eat.  But it’s nothing compared to the  benefits that supplementing with it can  elicit.

I’ve got to be honest with you guys, I have tried a ton of natural supplements over the years. 95% of them were complete rip off’s.

Because of this I only picked up one bottle of this supplement, just in case it was a bunch of bullshit.

Anybody who’s been working out consistently for a number years will find it hard obtain the level of soreness that lets you know you killed it in the gym. I work out six days a week and I really have to push my body to the limit to feel any soreness.

At first, I thought to this product wasn’t working.   The recommended dosage is 3 to 6 capsules and I was taking 4 capsules a day  for three days and didn’t notice anything different at all.

Four nights later, I noticed a major change when I went to the grocery store to pick up some eggs and baby formula. Reaching to grab something off a top shelf,  I noticed that my chest was really tender.

I did a chest and back work out earlier that morning focusing on negative reps and heavier weights. I’ve done this workout many times and hadn’t got that level of soreness. The next morning my chest and back were so sore that I felt like I had an eternal charlie horse. Every part of my chest to underneath my armpits was killing me.

I was hurting, but in a good way. It was the kind of pain that makes you feel like you really crushed it in the gym.

Over the next week I start noticing that I would get really sore about 12 hours after training. I started to notice that whatever body part I trained seemed more inflamed. It felt similar to having a little bit of a pump going on throughout the day.

Since this product does cause inflammation, I was  concerned it would make me look like a bloated mess . That was not an issue at all as I only noticed inflammation in muscle tissue.  I will say that I keep my cars under control and try not to eat much sodium. So that might’ve had something to do with it.

This is one of the few natural products, like Erosion and SLIN that is actually worth the money. Arachidonic Acid is the only natural substance that is in the steroid bible because it’s so effective.

I don’t think you’re going to get absolutely gigantic off of this product.  But it will give you a little bit more of an edge and help you to grow faster if your natural athlete. The only other supplements I was taking were SLIN, 5000 IU’s of vitamin D, creatine monohydrate, and a multivitamin.

Arachidonic Acid is good for people that have difficulty pushing the limits because are so conditioned to working outworking out.  If you’re struggling to feel sore the day after a brutal workout, this will help.

Now, towards the end of the third week I started to notice that I wasn’t quite as sore as I had been when I first started taking the product. I bumped it to 6 pills and started getting a little bit of that soreness back. However, towards the end of that week I noticed that the effect started wearing off again.

The body gets used to this supplement very quickly because it is already used to producing it.  You have to take Arachidonic Acid for 3 to 4 weeks and then cycle off, and start back again.

The brand that I used was by Enhanced Athlete. This is raw and pure Arachidonic Acid without any other crap added to it!

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