Ashwagandha is not yet the most popular testosterone booster the market. However, it definitely has the most clinical research to prove it’s effectiveness.

Studies have shown it to boost testosterone levels up to 15%. Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb thats been used in India for centuries with many well studied health benefits. Studies have shown that Ashwagandha can boost endurance during physical activity by sharpening brain function.

300mg’s of KSM-66 Ashwagandha given to human subjects for 60 days. The herb was able to slash cortisol levels by 27% and reduce inflammation. It increased “good” HDL-cholesterol (~17%), and reduced “bad” LDL-cholesterol (~9%). 57 young and healthy men participated in a study of the effects of ashwagandha. It showed a testosterone increase of 40% on infertile subjects and a 15% increase in healthy subjects. Also noted was a significantly improved sperm quality. Another study done with infertile men showed a 36% increase in luteinizing hormone. This suggest that Ashwagandha stimulates testosterone production at brain level.

Studies have basically disproven the effectiveness of tribulus and the overall results of DAA are scientifically considered ‘questionable’ at best. This is the only natural supplement that has the solid data to prove its effectiveness at raising testosterone levels.

Ashwagandha reduces adrenal fatigue and chronic stress . The functionality of under and over active thyroids has also shown improvement with the herbs supplementation. The herb helps release powerful antioxidants that destroy free radicals. Some studies suggest it aids in fighting brain degenerating diseases such as alzheimer’s, depression, and anxiety.  Ashwagandha was found to prevent blood vessels around cancer cells from feeding into the growth of cancerous tumors. By increasing white blood cells, the immune system is better able to protect the body from harmful invaders. Studies have also shown that Ashwagandha can help keep immune function in tact during chemotherapy. With all of these health benefits, it is silly not to take it.

I first heard about this herb through The Guerrilla Chemist. He did an article on the data published based on the results of the testosterone study for Ashwagandha. I decided to start taking Ashwagandha during the PCT stage of a prohormone cycle based on all the data. The particular cycle of prohormones left me feeling lethargic and also put strain on my immune system.

It takes a good month following the PCT before I am fully recovered.  The lethargy was completely gone within a week of starting my PCT. Even better, my libido was actually better than what it was before the cycle! I actually feel like Im still making forward progress due to the fact that I am still seeing results.

Placebo effect is not what I experienced when I used Ashwagandha.

I have more mental focus throughout the day and that is honestly the biggest benefit that I’ve noticed from Ashwagandha! I feel like I can concentrate on subject matter for longer periods and pay attention to detail better than before. This is huge for people that have a demanding professional life requiring sharp mental focus.

This is a natural herb and only cost $10 for a two month supply. Usually you get what you pay for. So I really didn’t expect a damn thing to come out of it. Almost every herbal supplement I had taken in the past was about as worthless a Dr OZ product! This was not the case at all with Abhwagandha! I won’t be surprised if the pharmaceutical industry buys the rights to Ashwagandha. Once more studies are done to further validate Ashwagandha’s effectiveness, don’t be surprised if it gets taken of the market like everything else that actually works.

I just finished my first 60 day run of this supplement but I have already purchased two more bottles to run in a stack with Eradicate while in a caloric deficit.  I truly believe that this product would be awesome in a stack that contained an estrogen blocker along with a fat burner for a guy who wanted a natural means of building muscle and getting leaner at the same time without while staying drug free.

Ashwagandha is cheap and it works. The organic brand that I use can be found HERE