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The people you’re closest with can hold you back the most

After I read the book Rich Dad-Poor Dad, it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. I finally understood the path to creating wealth and how I could achieve financial freedom.

In that book, one of the main themes to creating wealth is investing in real estate. Now, you might not have any interest at all in real estate investing but just hear me out because it only plays a small part in the story.

I was so excited about real estate after I read that book that I consumed everything I could on it. I listened to every BiggerPockets podcast and watched tons of DIY remodeling videos on YouTube.

This is me replacing flooring in one of our rental units. All of this was hard work, but I don’t regret a single bit of it.

I managed to save up about $11,000 to start Investing in buy-and-hold rental properties. My plan was to buy undervalued foreclosure properties and put several thousand into rehabbing the property, then rent them out for monthly cashflow. After six months of holding the property I would do a cash-out refinance with the bank to pull my money back out. Then, use that money to purchase the next property and continually repeat.

This has been used by the hundreds of thousands of people to build real wealth. It is commonly known as the BRRR Strategy (Buy it, Repair it, Rent it out, Refinance it).

I did all the studying, got a real estate agent, got financing through a small local bank, and had everything I needed to get going. But, I had a couple of family members that did everything in their power to discourage me.

They told me that real estate was risky and there were a million things that could go wrong with owning rental properties. One Family member told me that it was nothing but a pipe dream and that I would want to sell the properties when I started getting phone calls in the middle of the night to fix someone’s toilet.

Another family member told me that anyone who is willing to invest in real estate after the Lehman crash in 2008 was a complete idiot and that I would regret it.

I would love to sit here and tell you that I Ignored those motherfuckers with my iron will and battled on, never missing a lick. But that was not the case…

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Entrepreneurship: Because Job Security Doesn’t Exist Anymore

The farmer and the three fools.

There once were three men who work for a farmer. Each week, the farmer paid each man 4 pieces of gold to work his fields and harvest his crops. One day, the old farmer realized that if he fired one of the men and paid the other two an extra piece of gold, the two remaining men happily worked even harder for him to Continue reading

We weren’t designed for this

Distractions are everywhere. With the world so connected, distractions or more abundant than ever before. So if you want to get shit done and be successful you have to take distractions away.

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The easy path is not always the best

How many full grow adults do you know that constantly rely on their parents to bail them out of tough situations? I myself have known several. Those sort of people will never be independently successful because they always relied on that safety net when things got tough. Somewhere down the road they Continue reading

Creating the life you want

If you live just to get through the day, then you need to come to a cold realization.

You are not living. You’re just existing.

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They say that you cant live your life with regret but there’s no doubt that most of us have things we would change if given the opportunity.  The world doesn’t care if your successful or not and it doesn’t owe you anything.  So, its easy to fail if you aren’t aware of the right steps to take in life.

Next to puberty, young adult hood was the most confusing time of my life. I was now a man but didn’t know shit from Shinolah and made a ton of mistakes along the way. If I could write an advice filled letter to my younger self, it would go something like this…

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The Reason Why You Are Not Successful

The number one reason why you are not successful is because you have not made the right commitment. You may have set goals and acted on them to achieve your success. But have you given yourself permission to be completely obsessed?

Our society has taught us that obsession is a bad thing. The obsession is often used with negative things habits like drug abuse and in some sort of weird perversion. However, if you look back through history, every single person that we remember to this day was obsessed with whatever their mission was in life.

Guys like Van Gogh or Leonardo Da Vinci would be set up for failure in todays society. The second a therapist analyzed one of these guys, they would be prescribed all kinds of drugs for ADD, ADHD, OCD, and every other acronym you can think of.

What some consider flaws, you can turn into strengths!

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Turning Loss Into Perseverance

The band called Type O Negative has a song with the lyrics “if you love someone, there will be grief”. I never really paid attention to those words until I got a little bit older. I think the intended message was that loss is going to happen at some point in everyone’s life. And loss is just another stage of existence.

It’s ok for you to feel devastated because thats the first step towards perseverance.
It is like lifting weights. You tear muscle down with iron and with time, the trauma creates something stronger than what was there before. Continue reading

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 Rules for Success


Arnold Schwarzenegger was my hero for single handedly destroying the predator and saving John Connor when I was a kid.

As a teenager, I looked up to him for being the worlds greatest bodybuilder.

As a man, I greatly admire him for his mindset and determination.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is no doubt one of the most amazing success stories of the modern era. He exudes a level of charisma that very few people possess.  A true self made man, Arnold  took the realization of the American dream to a level few could ever have the determination to achieve. Continue reading

Masculinity: Never Apologize For Being A Man


What does it mean to be masculine? The definition of masculinity is as individual as a person’s fingerprint.

One person might think of masculinity as making a lot of money and hooking up with a lot of women.  Another person may consider lifting weights to look good for the wife and coaching their kids baseball team as defining traits of masculinity. Continue reading

Eliminating Toxic People From Your Life

Toxic People

You Don’t Need Them

I have had a lot of ‘friends’ throughout my life who I now realize
weren’t really friends at all. I would do anything I could to help them out, but when I needed them, I would usually find myself very let down.

Looking back at those toxic people, I realized that they always seemed to acquire a different group of friends every couple of years. This was due to a continuous cycle of gaining someone’s trust, taking advantage of it, the friends catch on and get sick of it. Then they are forced to find someone new to prey on because they pushed everyone else away. Continue reading

Mindset: A Wolf Among The Sheep


The Most Important Part Of Success

Our society, if not the entire world, is addicted to social media. Put down your phone down long enough to see that everybody’s face is glued to their phone. They are sucking up all the content that they possibly can.

When most of us get bored, we pick up our phone to get on Instagram or Facebook to see what everybody else is doing. We are addicted to this virtual reality world that is built on our phones and computers. We make excuses why we can’t make accomplishments and complain about why our lives aren’t better.

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