If you live just to get through the day, then you need to come to a cold realization.

You are not living. You’re just existing.

I was that person.

Then, I realized the world doesn’t owe anyone anything and it doesn’t care if you ever find success.  The only thing that we have in life is what we create for ourselves.

Every single one of us is meant for something greater than just getting through life. Have you ever pondered what kind of situation your going to be in 30 years from now? Is it really possible that your entire life is meant to be nothing more than busting your ass to make someone else rich, struggling to pay bills, and never really being satisfied? Life has you by the balls and you can’t spend time doing what makes you happy.

I have been there and asked those same things and I was at a point of complete disparity.  I thought that my life wasn’t destined for anything greater than working to pay bills and hoping a 401k could  help me retire one day.

There are many folks who mistake a feeling of depression with boredom. If you are feeling sad, it might be because you haven’t yet found the purpose that is going to drive you in life. Once you figure out what that calling is, commit to it and allow it to drive you and keep you busy. If you allow yourself to persue your dreams with determination and stay focused, it’s hard to fell like there is something is missing.

The truth is that life can be whatever we want it to be. You just have to have the balls to take it. And most people just don’t have the courage to do whatever it takes to have the life that they desperately want.

Do not spend your life busting your ass for something you don’t believe in. If you hate your life, then it’s time to do something about it. Because you absolutely CAN do something about it.

The formula for creating the life you want

You are reading this for a reason and if you only take one thing away from this let it be this. Understand that all of these things are happening for a reason. You are meant for something bigger but you may not understand what it is yet. Life is shorter than what we realize and you have to live life with fire. Because, at the end of the day, all we have is what we create for ourselves.

There are people that have literally done whatever it takes to reach their goals and done some pretty crazy shit like move to a cheaper place to live like Indonesia. They live lives of solitude for an entire year and create amazing bodies of work like an ingenious website or an amazing book. But for a lot of people this just isn’t realistic option because we have families and careers that we’re trying to sustain while trying to reach our goals. If this is the case for you, then there is a set way to get where you want to be.

Understand that there is a set formula to achieving success.

However, it should not be viewed the same way that most people are taught to see it. It is not a game of chance like hitting the lottery. Those pretending lottery players only imagine the actual event of winning and the giant payoffs that comes with it. THIS, is not the formula for success.

The formula is recognizing what the big goal is and then understanding all the small goals that have to come together to achieve it. The big goal may seem unattainable but wherever you map out the small achievable goals and educate yourself on the inns and outs, it’s not so far out of reach. It just takes time, effort, and persistence.

Some people are content with living gray empty lives. But people that are fine with living a mundane reality often live to regret the opportunities that they didn’t pursue as they become old. There’s no doubt that it takes courage to pursue your life purpose, but it’s harder to come to terms with an ending were you know that you left too many things on the table.

But it’s never too late to change it all. But to change it all, you have to stop making excuses and start making opportunities.

Nothing will ever change unless you change first.

All of the wonders in life can be obtained as long as you’re willing to take these generalized desires and precisely define how to achieve them.

When people make goals there’s a lot of common mistakes that are made. The first mistake is they take their goals for granted. They say things like “I want to make $1 million dollars”  but they don’t get specific as to WHY they want.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting material possessions because that’s part of life too, but there needs to be a bigger purpose as to why you want those material possessions. Understanding why you want to achieve something is often times more inspiring and important than the object that you’re trying to obtain. It’s easy to fall off the bandwagon if you just want to make million dollars.  But it’s a little bit harder to lose focus if you want to million dollars for a very specific reason, especially if its such a strong reason that you just can’t let go of it.
It’s impossible to expect a long-term results if you just set goals and then never look at them again. There has to be a consistent practice to make it a part of your every day existence

Why setting new years resolutions is waste of time for 99% of people.

Most folks take their goals for granted and only set them once a year.  Then, they never look at them again until a year later and wonder why it didnt pan out. This happens to so many people all around the world, especially at New Year’s. That’s why you see so many gym memberships  at the first of the year but a year later they still fat and still have the same resolution as the year before!

They wanted to get in shape and losing weight but they didnt stay consistent with it and make it a fundamental practice in everyday life.
The other common theme is that people don’t take their goal serious. They have these goals stuck in the back of their head but they never do anything with them. Serious goals must be kept at the forefront of the brain so those desires can manifest themselves into existence.

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that most people view them as their ‘wish-list’ for the year. That New Year’s resolution is nothing more than a whole list things that they hope work out in their favor.  But you see, many people forget what the purpose of having a resolution actually is. A resolution is where you resolve a problem.

Most people said a New Year’s goal thinking  to themselves, “this is how I would like for it to happen but if it doesn’t…. whatever”. If they were honest with themselves, they would have known from the beginning that they had no intention of following through.

I think the biggest problem with New Year’s resolutions is that our calendar gives people this false sense of a fresh start. That’s actually really corrosive to actually making progress towards a resolution. It makes people think that the only time they can have a fresh start in their lives is at a designated point throughout the year. In reality you can make a fresh start whenever the hell you want.

Define what you want. Define why you want it. Then map out all the steps that it takes to achieve that goal.

The most overlooked part is the most important

People become so used to hearing about goal setting because they have it drilled into their heads their whole lives.   Humans have a tendency to just assume that ideas won’t work if they are new concepts. Goal setting is the absolute key to any success plan but we hear so much about it that we take it for granite.

Break out of that mindset because it will only serve as the chains of your past which hold you down. You see, goal setting doesn’t work for most people because they only do it once a year which is New Year’s. And it doesn’t work because they failed to make it a fundamental practice. When you set a goal,  your making a distinction between where you are at and where you want to be. Then your brain starts to acknowledge that you have some sort of dissatisfaction in your life.

Dissatisfaction isn’t always a bad thing because it is what causes human beings to take a step back and say “OK, I am not happy with how things are going and I want them to change”.

The right kind of tension and pressure will give you the momentum to reach your goals. Discomfort is what pushes human beings to take action. When human beings are comfortable they become complacent and dont do anything.  Allow yourself to be uncomfortable with your current situation and realize that you are not satisfied.

Then you have to take that pressure and put it on yourself.  This means demanding more of yourself than what other people expect of you.

Goal setting is the most important part of creating the life you want.

Goal setting is pointless if you don’t have a plan that you intend to follow through with. Understand why you want to achieve your goals, map the specific steps to achieve them, and create tension on yourself to follow through and create results.

When you set a goal,  you are shaping the future in advanced. Implementing them into your daily life is how you train yourself to create the life you want. Your reality is based on past experience and you can’t let your past limit your future by thinking that you have limitations.

You have to have huge goals that will drive you every damn day. Don’t strive to ‘just get through a shitty day at work’ or ‘pay your shitty bills’. Those goals are uninspiring and wont drive anyone to pursue their dreams.

I’m talking about big-ass goals. I’m talking about goal so magnificent that you have a hard time going to sleep at night when you think about them. Goals like ‘I want to earn half $1 million in the next five years so I don’t ever have to go back to work. Then I can travel the world and do whatever the hell I want, when I want’.

Once you have your huge magnificent goal, you have to define why you want it. Why do you want to earn have $1 million? Maybe you want to travel the world with your family and never return to your 9-to-5 soul sucking job. Or maybe you want to buy real estate in Hawaii and live out your life in a tropical environment.
After you understand the core reasons why you want that huge goal, you have to write them down. There is something that happens when you physically write down these desires. Thoughts become things and when you write them down, you’re bringing these goals into a physical existence.

It is the first step in materializing your desires.

I’ll leave you with the words that a great man once spoke…

“Work for a purpose and your life will have purpose.”