How many full grow adults do you know that constantly rely on their parents to bail them out of tough situations? I myself have known several. Those sort of people will never be independently successful because they always relied on that safety net when things got tough. Somewhere down the road they were never subjected to enough adversity to develop the character to succeed  independently in life.

How many spoiled kids do you know that became extraordinary self made people? Probably not many because people that grow up in super cushy environments never experience the hardships that cultivate greatness.

You will never become the best version of yourself if you always do what is easy.

Overcoming hardships will always bring more satisfaction than being comfortable and complacent.  Just think about the person that has no drive and just gets high and plays video games all day. Sure, they’re comfortable but how well are they going to be if the shit ever hits the fan and the have to go through some hard times.  That mindset of always wanting to be comfortable can be so dangerous because comfort can easily lead to weakness.

Everyone has a different path in life. But there are so many people that never peruse the path that they really wanted. So many people get toxic programming that affects their entire outlook on life. Maybe at some point their parents told them to always peruse the most certain opportunities, or a teacher convinced them to always do the easiest task.

Anyone who has ever done anything exceptional in life encounters adversities.

Everyone life is a hard journey. But those difficult moments are what builds amazing character. That is why you see a lot of people who had really tough upbringings become these super driven and successful adults.  There is a certain drive that can only be obtained through overcoming adversity.

Napolian Hill who wrote Think And Grow Rich said “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”

Don’t let the fear of struggle hold you back from doing what makes you happy. Because if someone else is doing it, then so can you.