Enhanced Athlete Rad-140 Review

Ok guys. Let me start this review off by saying that Rad-140 is the strongest SARM that I have used so far.  I absolutely love this stuff and the quality of Enhanced Athlete’s product is unquestionable. If I could compare it to other compounds, I would say it is like a hybrid between a high dose of Ostarine mixed with 1-Andro and maybe even a little bit of Testosterone. And I’ve even seen some people say its similar to primobolan. However, I really cant vouch for that because I’ve never ran Primobolan.

RAD-140 background information

Back when I ran Ostamuscle, my goals were more aligned towards fat-loss with a little muscle gain. And my calorie intake was maintained at a base line because I was shooting for a body re-composition.  And I really think that is where ostarine shines. But, I am at a stage now where I am trying to pack on some serious muscle without having to use real gear.  I did some research and found out that Rad-140 is considered the next step in the evolution of anabolic compounds.

Rad-140 was originally developed by pharmaceutical company Radius Health as a replacement drug for Testosterone.  Its a common misconception that steroids are only used by body builders to get jacked. They are actually used in medicine for treating many issues such as osteoporosis, treating burn victims, AIDS, and even Cancer. But the problem with this is that hormones like testosterone often come with several unwanted side effects that the patients may not tolerate very well. In short, drug companies created SARMs to give people the therapeutic benefits of steroids without the harsh side effects.

Rad-140 was developed to be exclusively anabolic with limited androgenic effects. This means that this SARM works only to build muscle tissue without the intended hormonal impacts of pro-hormones and steroids. Having said all this, Rad-140 is really, really strong. Just look at it’s anabolic ratio compared to other compounds.

  • RAD-140 (90:1)
  • Testosterone (1:1)
  • 1-Andro (1:2)
  • Ostarine (3:1)
  • LGD 4033 (10:1)


RAD-140 Dosage and Cycle length

I picked up three containers of Rad-140 to run a lean bulking  cycle  for about 8 weeks. I got 1 bottle of Enhanced Athlete Rad-140 Capsules and 2 vials of Enhanced Chemicals liquid Rad-140. Enhance Athlete and Enhanced Chemicals are actually operated under the same company but Enhanced chemicals offers vials of liquid SARMs that are a little more cost friendly than the capsules. The capsules are much more convenient to dose and transport. But from what I gather, it cost alot more money to have the raw powders encapsulated. With the liquids, they just suspend the raw powder in some form of alcohol or syrup kind of like cold medicine.

The Capules had all 60 servings in the bottle and came with the same black plastic that I showed on the Ostamuscle Review. This black plastic was on the inside of the bottle to protect the capsule instead of the the cheap cotton that most supplement companies use.

The liquid Rad-140 came in a dark brown glass vial that was made out of very thick glass that I assume isn’t easily broken. And what I liked the most about the Enhanced Chemicals brand was that is didn’t taste like complete shit. I’ve used liquid Ostarine from another company and it straight up tasted like battery acid!

Now, I’m not going to bullshit you guys and tell you that this stuff tasted ‘good’. But at least Enhanced Athlete put forth the effort of adding in some sucrulose and a flavoring. This helped negate the chemical taste that usually comes with liquid SARMS. As far as the flavoring goes, I think it was some sort of cherry/bubble gum flavor but I’m not really sure.

SARM Liquid versus Capsules

I will say that the capsules and liquid worked just as good as one another.  I will have a separate review of several other Enhanced Chemicals products in a week or two. .

I’ve read that the sweet spot for this was between 20mg and 30mg. So, I dosed this stuff at 20mg the first three weeks that I was using it. The results I got from Ostarine took a few weeks to gradually start kicking in but this shit was completely different.

At the end of the first week of being on Rad-140, I noticed several things starting to happen. I started to feel stronger and could bang out several more reps than  normal before hitting failure. I  noticed that my blood veins near the surface of my skin were much more noticeable through out the day. And the vascularity during workouts looked badass.

I have always been completely honest with you guys and I always will be.

There were some unusual side effects that I noticed early on. At the beginning of my second week, I started to experience some pretty severe lethargy. I straight up felt exhausted towards the end of the day and could have easily taken a nap everyday after I got off from work. What was strange about this was that it only lasted about a week.  It was kind of like the lethargy that I experienced from 1-Andro but it just didn’t last as long. After that second week of feeling like crap every night, it just kind of stopped.

You all deserve to know about what your thinking about putting in to your bodies. So as crude as what I’m getting ready to say may be, I’ll going to go ahead and say it.  By the time the third week rolled around, I was popping boners like crazy.  My sex drive was definitely higher than normal but it took me longer to shoot my load than normal.

I didn’t have blood work done but here is my theory on the lethargy and the increased sex drive.

Since Rad-140 was created as a replacement for testosterone, the lethargy could have been from my body suppressing  it’s natural testosterone. Then, my endocrine system relying on the Rad-140 as an alternative to the testosterone. Which could explain how the lethargy just went away and my sex drive went nuts. Again, just my theory.

Also, Rad-140 does not convert to estrogen. But I threw in 50mg a day of arimistane in week 3 just to help maintain my libido. I used Erradicate-E because its pure arimistane, its cheap as hell, it works great, and you can can see more about it by CLICKING HERE.

Let me reiterate this again because I don’t want it to get misconstrued. I was horny as hell but I had to go alot longer than normal before I could ejaculate. Now, this probably sounds fantastic to folks that like to screw all night or have a partner with a large sexual appetite. Personally, I thought it was great!


What  results to expect from using Enhanced Athlete Rad-140

I decided to bump up the dosage to 30mg during the fourth week. And that is where the results really started to kick in! The body re-composition effect you get in the upper dosing of this stuff is incredible.  I honestly felt like I was running a lighter cycle of test without the water retention.

I saw extremely noticeable gains in my shoulders and upper body. And It seemed like I could almost get a pump just by flexing for a while. I was eating at a few hundred calories above my base line and felt like I was actually getting a little leaner.

This is hands down the strongest SARM I have ever used and is best described as a middle point between Ostarine and Testosterone. However, I feel like this is a compound that is best ran in longer periods between 6 and 12 weeks in order to realize its full potential. I personally gained 8 lean pounds over an 8 week period and plan on running this again in about 6 months.

As far as PCT Goes

Its up in the air as to how  extensive post cycle therapy needs to be for this compound. Some people say that RAD-140 is alot less forgiving than other SARMs and requires a full blown PCT like nolvadex. Others say its not that suppressive at all. I ran a 4 week PCT that consisted of  100mg of Erradicate-E, 600mg of Ashwagandha, and Blue OX Test Booster. Using this protocol everyday was plenty for me to recover, but everyone is different.


But, I have been using edgy supplements like this and pro-hormones long enough to know that anything that actually works will eventually get banned. And I think it is only a matter of time before this shit gets put on the list. So, if your thinking about running Rad-140, I wouldn’t wait too long.

I contacted Enhanced Athlete about getting a discount code for our readers and they were kind enough to do so.

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If you have any questions about my experience, leave a comment and I will get back with you



  1. Thanks for taking the time to write all this, it was very helpful! If I have an ectomorph body type (I weight about 144), what should my dose be?

    • Scott

      January 13, 2018 at 7:51 pm

      Dimitri, I’m glad this information helped. With your body type and weight, I would really suggest starting at about 15 mg. Do you have that dosage about 10 days and see how you feel. If you start noticing great poems and somatic muscle mass then that might be the sweet spot for you. But after 10 days if you’re not seeing the results that you would like, bump it up to 20 mg. I weigh 232 pounds and I’m 6’4 and I started at 20 mg and then bumped it up to 30 during my second week. As mentioned in the article 30 mg was definitely the high-end for me and I could literally feel being on the stuff.

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