Since I had such  good results with Ostamuscle, I decide to pick up several more Enhanced Athlete products to see if they were as effective. Over the next few weeks I will have reviews of several of their other products coming out. But what I want to talk about right now is a product called Slin. This is a super versatile product that can be used to lose weight or to gain muscle depending on how taken. I also think that this is an excellent product for overall health because of how it helps us use glucose more defectively.

What is Enhanced Athlete’s Slin and what does it do?

Slin is a type product known as a glucose disposal agent. There are only a few companies that I’ve been making these and they become very popular over the past year. What a glucose disposal agent does is increase your insulin sensitivity to help you utilize carbohydrates more effectively.

How sensitive you body is to insulin plays a huge role in weight loss and gaining muscle. Insulin powerful is a hormone that converts glucose into a primary fuel source.

Slin as a weight loss aid

Excessive insulin production makes it difficult for the body to efficiently process carbohydrates and sugars which leads to stored body fat.

The primary function of insulin is to maintain a balanced blood glucose level between 80 and 100mg/dl. We typically get insulin spikes after we eat. However, the pancreas begins to secrete insulin when blood sugar levels go above 100 and results in the glucose being stored as either body fat or shuttled into muscle tissue for future energy consumption.

This product can be used as a weight-loss aid by taking it before meals that have carbohydrates. Slin basically keeps the carbohydrate you eat from getting stored as fat. The overall result is that it negates the insulin spike that most people get from consuming carbohydrates.

Slin as an anabolic weapon

For people wanting to lose weight, insulin is often regarded negatively. But for folks looking to gain muscle, insulin can be strategically used as an anabolic weapon.

It is very obvious that the bodybuilders today are much bigger than those of the 1970s. Other than tren, bodybuilders have pretty much used the same steroids for 30 years. So the difference isn’t from the steroids, it’s from injecting insulin.

Now I’m not suggesting anyone start using insulin, because it’s super dangerous and can easily kill you. But if we can take advantage of the insulin our body already releases, what an advantage that would be.

This is where SLIN really shines.

This product is awesome when taken on an empty stomach about 15 minutes before eating carbohydrates pre-workout. This is my favorite way to use Slin because it forces the glucose and insulin in to muscle tissue. All those carbs that could have been turned into blubber get sucked up to the muscle cells where they need to be. The result is an absurd pump.

Capsule size compared to a US quarter

How I know with 100% certainty that SLIN works

If you take SLIN on an empty stomach, then you better have carbs ready to eat within 15 minutes. I say this because I literally feel my blood glucose levels drop if I take it on empty stomach.  I start to get shaky and a little lightheaded as if I’m going hypoglycemic. But I instantly feel normal after consuming carbs.

I’m very sensitive to carbohydrates and usually feel bloated and tired after I eat anything higher glycemic like bread or pasta. It’s because of the huge insulin spike that I get after I eat those kinds of foods. But whenever I take Slin with those foods, I do not feel that way.

CLICK HERE to see my blood test results while using SLIN.

I feel that this product is just as good as Blackstone Labs Glycollog. The major advantage of Slin is that it’s just as effective and about half of the price. Slin is a completely natural product that does not have to be cycled. And given the excellent price point, I plan on using it year round as a staple of my supplement regimin.

I contacted Enhanced Athlete about getting a discount code for our readers and they were kind enough to do so.

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