Enhance Athlete and Enhanced Chemicals are actually operated under the same company. But Enhanced chemicals offers vials of liquid SARMs that are a little more cost friendly than the capsules. The capsules are much more convenient to dose and transport. But from what I gather, it cost more money to have the raw powders encapsulated. With the liquids, they just suspend the raw powder in some form of alcohol or syrup.

All of the research chemicals came in dark brown glass vials. These vials were made out of very thick glass that I assume isn’t easily broken. And what I liked the most about the Enhanced Chemicals brand was the fact that is didn’t taste like complete shit. Now, I’m not going to bullshit you all and tell you that this stuff tasted ‘good’. But I’ve used liquid Ostarine from another research chemical companies and it straight up tasted like battery acid!

At least Enhanced Chemicals put forth the effort of adding in some sucrulose and a little flavoring. This helped negate the chemical taste that usually comes with liquid SARMS. As far as the flavoring goes, I think it was some sort of cherry/bubble gum flavor but I’m not really sure.  As you can see in the picture below, the liquid is a a pink and has a very thick consistency that I would compare children’s Tylenol.

I have been a long time fan of their liquid Cialis because of how pure it is.  And I doing this review because I’m sick and tired of seeing other companies bash Enhanced Athlete and Enhanced Chemicals when I know that their products are 100% legit.

This company is at the top of the food chain right now and all the other companies out there are trying to take a stab at the competition by spreading misinformation.

It honestly pisses me off when people in forums mislead consumers into thinking that Enhanced Athlete /Enhanced Chemicals is bunk or fake as a way of plugging their own products.  These forum mediators are telling people that Enhanced Athlete’s products only work so well because they are laced with pro-hormones and that there is now way they should be able to sell them at such a reasonable price. I’ve used pro-hormones plenty, and I can tell you without a doubt that they aren’t lacing it into their stuff to make it more effective.

Then ,they tell consumers to go buy their insanely overpriced stuff. Listen guys, I’ve researched the cost associated with these raw compounds and there is absolutely no reason  you should ever be paying  $100 for a bottle of Ostarine. So, dont blindly believe everything you read on the internet.

I picked up several of their products to go over in this review. And I am going to clear the air on this once and all for you guys!

Enhanced Chemicals also offers a slew of research chemicals and not just SARMs. They carry everything from growth hormone peptides, anti-estrogens, PDE-5 inhibitors, and a shitload of other stuff. They are able legally sell it only as ‘research chemicals’  which are labeled not for human consumption. So, don’t freak out about the ‘not for human consumption’ deal. Thats just the loophole to sell this stuff.

Enhanced Chemicals RAD-140 is the most potent SARM I have ever used.

I picked up three containers of Rad-140 to run a lean bulking  cycle  for about 8 weeks.  1 bottle of Enhanced Athlete Rad-140 Capsules and 2 vials of Enhanced Chemicals liquid Rad-140. I first started by taking 2 capsules a day (20mg) and noticed the effects withing the first week. At the end of the third week, I decided to bump it up to 3 pills a day and saw even more pronounced effects. Soon after bumping up the dosage, I ran out of capsules so had to switch over to the Enhanced Chemicals liquid.

I continued taking 30mg and of the liquid form and continued to see steroid like effects. This proved to me that their liquid research chemicals are just as effective as their capsules. Let me reiterate that the capsules and liquid worked just as good as one another. The only thing that I didn’t like about it was that i would occasionally get heart burn after taking it on an empty stomach. But this would almost immediately go away after I ate food.

I ended up seeing 8 pounds of lean gains after the 8 week cycle was over with. This is by far the most potent SARM that I have used so far and way stronger than Ostarine.

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My Experience with Enhanced Chemicals Cialis (Tadalafil Citrate)

Their Cialis is 100% legit! The first time I used it, I took a really big dose of about 30mg.  Which resulted in a bad headache and constant erections for 3 days.  I found that the daily dosage for long term health benefits in athletes is only 5 to 8 mg daily. From there on, I have taken 7mg pretty much every day for 3 months with no negative side effects. Only positives.

I like Cialis better than Viagra because it seems to last longer and doesn’t hit you as hard/fast. Therefore, you can take it anytime of the day when running these smaller dosages. Viagra also makes my face feel stuffy like I’m having sinus issues, whereas Cialis doesn’t.

Cialis gives me the most insane pumps when I lift weights. Whatever muscle group I train, maintains volume throughout the day and I look way more vascular. Cialis is fairly cheap when its taken in the 5mg to 10mg bodybuilder dosage.

And its an awesome addition to any SARM, pro-hormone, or gear cycle. Especially when considering its anti-estrogen properties and ability to improve blood pressure.

I never had any issues with erectile dysfunction in my life and that has absolutely nothing to do with my decision to take Cialis. However, I cannot deny the amazing sexual benefits that come along with it. Many people have the common misconception that Cialis will make you get aroused. What Cialis actually does is stimulate blood-flow through the entire body. What this meant for me was that I was able to have sex two or three times in one night while staying rock hard. That area of my body felt way more sensitive and looked full and girthy all day long.

I know my body and dick very well. And I can assure you you guys that none of this was placebo effect. The level of quality that is in their Tadalafil/Cialis is absurdly good and I plan on running a low dose like this year round.

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This is bottle of Cialis that I put over a LED flash light.

The MK-2866 (Ostarine) is just as effective as Ostamuscle!

I ran a cycle of Enhanced Athlete Ostamuscle last spring and I absolutely loved it. The quality of Enhanced Chemicals Ostarine is as good as their sister company.  Right now I running an 8 week cutting cycle of 30mg a day of their Ostarin (MK-2866) alongside of 15mg a day of their liquid Cardarine (GW-51501).  I’ve been running them both for about three weeks now and the fat burning synergy between these two compounds is fantastic.  The cardarine produces a huge boost in endurance and helps me push through high intensity cardio for longer and harder.

And the Liquid Ostarine is doing the same exact things that I documented in the Ostamuscle review I did. I’m talking everything from the great body recomp /fat loss to the huge increase in sex drive. THis is an excellent compound if your completly new to Sarms or any other research chemical. CLICK HERE if you want to see my original review of Ostamuscle.

After I  did that first review, I emailed them about getting a discount code for my readers and they were happy enough to do so.

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