After I published my review on Enhanced Athlete’s Slin, I decided that I wanted to do do a follow up article that proves how effective this product is.  Sure, this is a great bodybuilding supplement and is the closest thing to using insulin for growth. But I want people to understand the overall health benefit it has to those who are insulin resistant. Like pretty much everyone nowadays, I am very sensitive to carbohydrates. And I like this product so much that I actually plan on using it for as long as its available.

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What benefit does Slin have to people who are Insulin resistant (sensitive to sugars and carbs)?

For people wanting to lose weight, insulin is often regarded negatively. How sensitive you body is to insulin plays a huge role in weight loss and gaining muscle. Insulin is a powerful  hormone that converts glucose into a primary fuel source. However, excessive insulin production makes it difficult for the body to efficiently process carbohydrates and sugars which leads to stored body fat.

Slin is a type of product known as a glucose disposal agent that increases insulin sensitivity to help you utilize carbohydrates more effectively. Slin basically keeps  carbohydrates  from getting stored as fat and negates the insulin spike that most people get from consuming carbohydrates.

Understanding How Blood Glucose Levels and Insulin Secretion Work

There is a whole lot to this, so Iets keep it as simple as possible.

The primary function of insulin is to maintain a balanced blood glucose level between 80 and 100mg/dl. We typically get insulin spikes after we eat. However, the pancreas begins to secrete insulin when blood sugar levels go above 100 and one of two things happen.

Depending on how well your body processes sugars,  glucose will either gets stored as body fat or shuttled into muscle tissue for future energy consumption.

Again, I am very sensitive to simple carbohydrates like bread, pasta, and candy. I was a very overweight kid who did not eat right and was heavyset well into my early 20’s. This was mainly a result of a sedentary lifestyle and a diet of ramen noodles and beer.  The past 6 years have been spent lifting weights and eating the way i always should have. But if I eat anything that is high glycemic, my blood glucose levels will usually shoot up between 120 and 160, depending on the food.

Unfortunately, this is a common problem in our society today because of our poor diets and the lack of nutritional education. Since I started using Slin, I have found that I do not have the same negative reactions to those kinds of foods like I used too. And I have conducted two different test to prove this.

I really believe that this product can help people who struggle with insulin resistance. But my biggest hope is that it can ultimately help prevent people from becoming diabetics.

First Blood Test Experiment

This first experiment was conducted at 8:00pm on 9/26/2017.  I used an Accucheck Blood Glucose Meter, 2 capsules of Slin, and 8 ounces of highly glycemic fruit juice.

Step 1. Fasted blood glucose levels

  • At 7:59pm, my fasted blood glucose levels were 85mg/dl. I was completely fasted during this experiment and had not eaten anything all day.
  • I then took 2 capsules at 8:00pm with 6 ounces of water.

Step 2. Drop in Blood Glucose levels 20 minutes after Consuming SLIN.

  • I started to feel my blood sugar drop about ten minuets after taking the Slin. I started to get that shaky feeling at 8:11pm .
  • At 8:16pm, I started feeling very warm and on the verge of breaking a sweat.
  • At 8:20pm, I took my blood again. This was taken 20 minutes after consuming the Slin on an empty stomach.
  • My blood Glucose levels had dropped 3 points. Going from 85mg/dl down to 82mg/dl.
  • I then consumed 26 grams of liquid glucose(sugar) at 8:21pm. This was in the form of 8 ounces of apple juice. I chose a liquid instead of a food so it would hit my bloodstream faster.
  • Step 4. Blood Glucose Levels 15 after consuming 28 grams of sugar (8 oz apple Juice)

  • I stopped feeling jittery and sweaty,like i was going hypoglycemic within just a minute or two of drinking the juice.
  • At 8:35, I took my blood for the final time. This was 15 minutes after after the apple juice.
  • My glucose levels had been restored to 85mg/dl.
  • Normally, my blood sugar would have shot up to at least 120 after taking in 28 grams of sugar. But the slin helped  to restore my glucose levels and prevent me from having an insulin spike!

Step 5. Final Results. SLIN WORKS!!!

  • 7:59pm-Fasted blood levels were 85mg/dl
  • 8:20pm-Blood levels 20 minutes prior to taking slin were 82mg/dl
  • 8:35pm-Blood levels 15 minutes prior to taking 28 grams of sugar were  restored to 85mg/dl.
  • As you can see, the insulin spike from the apple juice was completely negated  by the Slin!

Second Blood Test Experiment

I conducted the second experiment was conducted at 6:45pm on 9/27/2017.  For this experiment, I used an Accucheck Blood Glucose Meter, 2 capsules of Slin, and a chocolate fudge pop-tart. I chose note to do this experiment completely fasted this time. Instead, I waited 4 hours after eating my last meal which consisted of grilled chicken and brown rice.

Step 1. Blood Glucose Levels 4 hours after a meal.

  • I took my blood at 6:45pm, which showed up as 90mg/dl
  • I then consumed 2 capsules of Slin immediately after.

Step 2. I experienced a drop in Blood Glucose Levels 20 minutes after taking 2 capsules of SLIN

  • I once again started to feel a little jittery around 6:54pm. But it was nowhere near as bad as when i did the experiment fasted. I think this is because some of the carbs i had eaten few hours before where still in my bloodstream.
  • My blood glucose level at 7:04pm had dropped 8 points down to 82mg/dl.
  • I then consumed on Chocolate fudge pop-tart, which contained 36 grams of sugar.

Step 3. Blood after consuming the pop-tart

  • I allowed 25 minutes for the pop-tart to digest before taking my blood again.
  • At 7:30pm, my blood glucose levels measured at 92mg/dl.
  • My glucose levels had been restored to just to points higher than where it had started.
  • Again, my blood sugar should have shot up way higher after taking in 36 grams of sugar. But the slin once again prevented prevented me from having an insulin spike!


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