A lot of men have the desire to lower estrogen and increase testosterone to obtain a better sense of well being, but don’t really know where to start. The modern day hormonal imbalance in men is primarily resulted from changes in our environment and food options. In this article, were going to go over some diet choices as well as various products that can help lower estrogen levels.

Poor quality food and added chemicals

Americans have been told to base our diets around the flawed food pyramid. Food manufacturers found out early on that they could make a higher profit margin on grains and starches. So, they paid nutritionist to put it as the priority on the pyramid.

The modern American diet is now chocked full of cheaply produced carbohydrates. This has completely ruined our insulin sensitivity and made most of us fat. Most of the food in grocery stores are made of cheap carbohydrates that have longer shelf life. This helps minimize store’s product loss and keep manufacturers cost’ as low as possible. The more fat you are, the more prone to having higher levels of estrogen you will be.

We were told all throughout the 1990s not to eat fat at all and that cholesterol will kill you. The actual truth is that the body uses Vitamin D and cholesterol in order to make testosterone. Therefor, healthy males should be eating plenty of protein and animal fats as well as fewer carbohydrates for optimal hormone production.

Environmental changes

There are many things in our everyday environment which disrupt our natural hormone production which are called xenoestrogens. These xenoestrogens are present in air fresheners, insecticides, and even get in to our food from the BPA in plastics. This constant assault on our endocrine system causes an increase in estrogen levels and crushes our testosterone production.

Hormone replacement therapy is becoming more common as a result of the large number of men who have low testosterone and elevated estrogen. There are many people that theorize that most men will eventually be put on hormone replacement therapy in the near future.


Food choices that ensure optimum hormone production

The testosterone levels of our ancestors were much higher than ours according to many studies.  There is no doubt that our modern diets and all of the food additives have played a huge role. However, there are certain foods that lower estrogen and increase testosterone levels.

Eat Vegetables
Vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and cauliflower can help lower estrogen levels. They are rich in zinc and Indole-3-Carbinol which help to to regulate estrogen in your body.

Limit your alcohol consumption
Excessive alcohol consumption has been shown to significantly decrease your testosterone levels and raising your estrogen. This happens because our livers see alcohol as a toxin that it must quickly eliminate from our body.  This process makes it incredibly difficult for it to properly process and regulate our hormone production levels.
Alcohol is notorious for boosting the  aromatase enzyme, which converts testosterone into estrogen. The hops in beer are extremely estrogenic even though beer is viewed as a manly beverage.

Stay the hell away from SOY
Food manufacturers have been pumping this cheap fillers like soy into our food for years. Studies show that a high consumption of soy products leads to increased estrogen levels and cause increased feminizing effects. Soy is an extremely estrogenic and not good for men.

Avoid processed foods
Organic meats are great for your testosterone but processed meats can absolutely crush your endocrine system. A common practice in factory farming is to inject synthetic estrogen and growth hormone into livestock to cause rapid weight gain. All of the trace hormones and antibiotics are still present the food that ends up in your body. Just remember that you are what you eat.
Also avoid cheaply produced carbohydrates which are common in grocery stores due to their longer shelf life. This helps minimize store’s product loss and keep manufacturers cost’ as low as possible. The more fat you are, the more prone to having higher levels of estrogen you will be.


Supplements That Can Help Lower Estrogen

Men and women have two major hormones in the body which are estrogen and testosterone. Men produce  more testosterone and women produce more estrogen. Keep in mind that this is NOT a good thing because a mans testosterone production lowers when estrogen levels rise above normal.

An anti-estrogen, is compound that blocks estrogen production. A anti-estrogen’s job is to lower or stop the production of estrogen. The lower your estrogen, the better your testosterone levels will be! A added benefit to lower estrogen levels is a harder appearance and less water weight. Here are products I have used which gave me noticeable results.

This is a plant nutrient found in cruciferous vegetables including broccoli, cabbage, Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower. Both have unique hormonal benefits that improve estrogen metabolism in both genders and Indole-3-Carbinol  increases the level of “good” estrogen while reducing the level of “bad” estrogen.

This is one of my favorite supplements and I cycle it year round because it works. Arimistane is a potent aromatase inhibitor which decreases circulating levels of estrogen in the body. It will reduce any possible water retention and reduce cortisol levels. Arimistane can also eliminate the chance of the development of male breast tissue and help to increase sex drive. As a result, many people implement this during post cycle therapy to bring hormone function back to normal.  CLICK HERE to see the exact brand that I use.

Another good option is to buy an all in one product that has several different ingredients that work together.  A great choice would be a PCT, or post cycle therapy product. PCT is what bodybuilders take after a steroid cycle to reduce elevated estrogen levels and restore testosterone production. But many people take PCT products as a way of getting a better bang for your buck  when ensuring optimum hormone levels. You can CLICK HERE to see more about pct.