What does it mean to be masculine? The definition of masculinity is as individual as a person’s fingerprint.

One person might think of masculinity as making a lot of money and hooking up with a lot of women.  Another person may consider lifting weights to look good for the wife and coaching their kids baseball team as defining traits of masculinity.

Whatever masculinity means to you, you should express it to the world.  Men should celebrate it just as women have been told to celebrate their femininity!

There is no doubt that there is something going on that has caused men to feel like we need to ask permission to be what we are supposed to be.


Our society has become so uncomfortable with the mere insinuation of masculinity.

Most women have more balls then men nowadays because they have lost touch with their femininity just as men forgot what it means to be masculine in in heart, body, and mind.

Look at the world war II generation of men and compare them to the modern day 25 year old male. You can’t compare the two because there is no comparison to be made. It’s like comparing a baseball bat to a hotdog.

Both men and women deserve to be treated with equal respect and maintain equal rights. The notion of both being treated the same is however absolutely absurd.

Women and men are completely opposite of one another on both a chemical and biological level and should be treated as such. Feminism is a complete opposite idea from masculinity but our society has told us for decades that we are all the same.

Society has been pounding in to our heads that we need to flip flop everything. Men need to act more like women and be more sensitive or they are womanizing chauvinist.  Women  are being brainwashed that they can never advance in this society if they don’t act aggressively  masculine in order to fight off the oppressive hordes of battle thirsty men who only need them to knit sweaters and make diner.


It is ingrained in humans at the deepest level to create in order to ensure our species continuity and advancement.

Women are able to creat life in a way that men never can.  That is why throughout history men have found other means to create by way of becoming builders, architects, and artist.

There is a drive to create that all men must embrace or they will not know who they truly are. Nor understand the full potential they are capable of.

In order to create, a woman receives and a man must give.  However, men need to also give a part of themselves. If they wish to leave their creative mark, force their identity on to the world

Men need to fuck the world. Figuratively speaking.

Society has brainwashed us into believing that father figures are no longer necessary for child development. Well, the absence of a responsible and loving father certainly helps contribute to criminal development.

There is an outstanding post on artofmanliness.com about the importance of father figures based on scientific facts.

I know there are a lot of single mothers that make it work because of limited options.  However, kids need the benefits of having present mother and father to be shown integrity, family, discipline, and responsibility.

The way young men see their parent’s relationship forever molds their understanding of how to view women and handle relationships. The father and mother relationship will also determine the way a man’s daughter expects guys to treat her.

The media

The media portrays white men as sensitive wimps, black men as criminals, Indian men as rapists, Arab men as terrorists, and Asian men as feminine.

Mass media has played a huge role in turning American men into pussies. There are countless television show that make men look inferior and worthless.

If you watch any given sitcom, you’ll see that the man is represented as a useless wimp. The poor guy just can’t make it through life without constant orders from his all knowing wife. When he becomes ambitious or thinks for himself, all that ensues are constant mistakes. Then the wife ridicules and emasculates him as she comes to his rescue. His children don’t respect him and only see dad as a living ATM machine.

This widely accepted style of humor has slowly reconditioned how men relate to themselves and view the world around them.

Don’t get me started on lifetime movies! I can’t think of anything that does a better job portraying men as vile scum. Men who’s sole purpose is to oppress all women from rising up to anything with testicles.


The estrogen epidemic

Americans have been imbedded that we must base our diets around the ever so flawed food pyramid. Food manufacturers found out early on that they could make a higher profit margin on grains and starches. So, they paid nutritionist to put it as the priority on the pyramid.

The modern American diet is now chocked full of cheaply produced carbohydrates. This has completely ruined our insulin sensitivity and made most of us fat. Most of the food in grocery stores are made of cheap carbohydrates that have longer shelf life. This helps minimize store’s product loss and keep manufacturers cost’ as low as possible.

The more fat you are, the more prone to having higher levels of estrogen you will be.   All throughout he 1990s that we were supposed to not eat fat at all and that cholesterol will kill you. The actual truth is that the body uses Vitamin D and cholesterol in order to make testosterone.

Healthy males should be eating plenty of protein and animal fats as well as fewer carbohydrates for optimal hormone production.

Another testosterone killer is all of the soy that has been put into our food. Food manufacturers have been pumping this cheap filler into our food for years. Studies show that a high consumption of soy products leads to increased estrogen levels and cause increased feminizing effects.

There are many things in our everyday environment which disrupt our natural hormone production which are called xenoestrogens.  These xenoestrogens are present in air fresheners, insecticides, and even get in to our food from the BPA in plastics.  This constant assault on our endocrine system  causes an increase in estrogen levels and crushes our testosterone production.


Masculinity in today’s world

This part is very easy.

Act like a man and not a child. Stand up for what you believe in and let the world see you with transparency. You have to find out what your purpose is and don’t let anything stand in your way until you get it.

Do not be the pussy that society keeps telling you to be.

Be present in your children’s life’s and  give them a father that they adore and respect. Defend your woman and make sure your giving her a man that she is proud to be with.

Go to the gym and build a body that you are proud of. And for gods sake, stop eating bullshit food. Try eating like a caveman!

Learn to hold yourself accountable and have self discipline.

Finally, penetrate the world and never ask permission to be the man you are meant to be.


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