I have tried a ton of different anabolic’s over the years and Tri Andro is the most comprehensive prohormone to hit the market.

When you run a single compound, it has its own individual positives as well as negatives. For example, 1-Andro is the best muscle builder around but can make some people feel lethargic and cause joint pain.  Because 1-Andro is a highly anabolic and dry compound, it can really suppress you sex drive. Therefore, you have to take something to mitigate the side effects or take another compound the counteracts the negatives.

For example, a lot of people take 4-Andro with 1-Andro because 4-Andro which converts to testosterone in the body. It is very wet compound which means it has a slight estrogen conversion.   This will ultimately mitigate many of the side effects from a dry compound like 1-Andro. You see, your body has to have a certain  level of testosterone or will not feel right.

Using multiple compounds  creates a synergistic effect which  creates drastically greater results.

This is why I have always claimed that prohormones are more effective when stacked together.

Let’s go over the ingredients In Tri Andro and  how they work together to create the most bad ass prohormone stack ever created


1-Andro is the king of muscle builders. There was a West Texas A&M University study done on this compound which showed that with a clean diet and solid weight training program, 11 pounds of muscle was obtained( the study even compared it to a milligram to milligram injection of testosterone enathate). This compound does not convert to estrogen or DHT. Therefor, estrogen and hair loss will not be an issue for most people.

It can also cause some lethargy and knock your sex drive in the dirt if you aren’t using a test base like 4-Andro. I have personally noticed small amount of joint pain when ran by its self. Therefore, I think this compound should be paired with a testosterone compound in most cycles.

4 -Andro

4-Andro is a wet compound converts directly to the master of all male hormones, testosterone. This is used as the testosterone base in most cycles. It counteracts lethargy from other compounds and keeps your sex drive high.

The negatives with 4-Andro is that it can convert to estrogen which vould cause gyno in rare cases. As a countermeasure, an aromatase inhibiter or estrogen reducing prohormone like Epiandro be taken with it.


This is a precursor to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is shown to increase strength, muscle hardness and also improves libido. A benefit to Epiandrosterone is that it does not aromatise to estrogen. So, gyno side-effects are a much smaller concern than with other prohormones. The DHT which Epiandro converts to also works to lower the amount of estrogen circulating in the blood making. Because of this, Epiandro is a great product to pair with other stacks.

Taking Epiandro will also result in some direct neurological effects to result in more focus and aggression during training. Since it is a DHT derivative, Epiandro will increase the shit out of your sex drive.

You have probably heard that DHT makes your hair fall out and prostate swell.  But  I believe that’s been blown out of proportion because I certainly haven’t had any issues with balding. A lot of why this typically isn’t an issue with Epi-Andro is because DHT is critical in a number of functions in the body such as erection quality and regulating estrogen levels.  And high levels of estrogen is a common cause for hair loss in men. So don’t worry too much about the hair loss thing.

Tri Andro is non-methylated but has an advanced absorption system to make sure you get as much of these compounds into your body as possible.

The older and now banned methylated prohormones were absorbed very quickly because they would bypass breakdown by the liver. While very effective, they were also really harmful and toxic to the liver.

So to mitigate this issue and ensure maximum absorption, Tri Andro utilizes liposomal technology.

The reality is that DHEA compounds lose 86% of their potency as they travel into the bodies blood stream. Liposomal Technology was created 50 years ago to help transport drugs effectively through the body. With Liposomal Technology, the bio availability is 99% by preventing digestive enzymes from destroying the compounds.

When I used Tri-Andro, I wanted to run it for six weeks. I purchased two bottles  and took four pills a day.

I really think that the DHEA prohormones work better when you use them for longer periods of time. From my experience they usually take 2 to 3 weeks to really kick in so the results are coming around the end of the third week.

What I didn’t experience from Tri Andro was probably the most important aspect. I did not experience hardly any of the side effects that I’ve used from other compounds. For example, I did not get the lethargy  and overall feeling of suppression that I usually get from  using 1 Andro.

I also tend to get a little bit of water retention and  bloat if I use high doses of 4 Andro.  That was not an issue at all this time.

I attribute the lack of side effects to the very well thought out blend of different prohormones in this product. All three seem to work in unison to mitigate each other’s side effects, but also complement each other’s positives.

My overall experience from using Tri Andro was completely positive.

Tri andro is without a doubt the best all-in-one stack since the methylated prohormone ban. Even though it is on the pricey side, you’re really getting the best bang for your buck when you consider what all is in this product. You would be spending more than double if you purchased all three compounds separately.

My muscles got harder but I also lost fat around my midsection. This leads me to believe that this stack has a unique nutrient partitioning ability.  The pumps during my workouts were sick as fuck and my muscle stayed full all day long.

The thing that I liked the most about tri Andro was the effect it had on my libido.  I’m here to tell you right now boys that this stuff will make you a sexual tyrannosaurus.  This is because of the high quality dose of Epi-Andro.

The total results were that I went down one pant size and went up 7 pounds on the weight scale.  Thats  7 pounds of pure muscle with a little bit of added fat  loss.

I have always been honest with our readership so I’m going to shoot you straight right now. This felt a whole lot like being on fucking steroids.  So this is a perfect solution for people that want to dabble in anabolics but want to stay legal at the same time.

I do not regret using this product at all and plan on running this again very soon.

As a precaution, I suggest keeping an  anti-estrogen  like Erosion on hand just to be on the safe side.  You also have to do a full PCT once your cycle is complete. This will help your body returns back to its normal  hormone production.


As of fall 2017 this product is no longer available. Fortunately, Sparta Nutrition has stepped up to the plate with their own prohormone blend. There seems to be a witch-hunt with a lot of supplement companies and I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets banned soon.

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