Proven Peptides Review and Coupon Code

I’m not gonna lie, Enhanced Athlete’s products have all been good quality. But the problem that I have been facing with them is their third-party testing is sometimes a year or two old and may not necessarily represent their most current batch of stock. That, and they’re constantly running out of stock! Now, from everything I’ve experienced through using their products, everything has been legit. But recently, I’ve  had several people emailing me over the past month about Proven Peptides.

If I’m going to recommend something to my readers, I want to know 100% that its legitimate because I have a reputation to maintain.

And I’m not saying that enhance athletes Products aren’t legit, but I feel like I need to have 100% proof in what I’m recommending. And, Enhance Athlete’s certificate of analysis for their ostarine hasn’t been updated since 2015. Again, I do personally feel like their products are legit but I know many of you would like to see a little bit more hard proof.

So, considering that people of been blowing me up lately about this new company called provenpeptides, I reached out to them last week. They were familiar with my website and we mutually agreed that if their products were solid, I would recommend them to my readers. I expressed to Josh over proven peptides my problem with the third-party testing and certificates of analysis being so old with a lot of the other companies.

Josh informed me that they acquire a certificate of analysis on every single damn batch of product that is made.

And you know the crazy thing is that  every company makings SARMs right now claims that they are at 99.9% purity. Which I find pretty damn hard to believe that everyone’s product is the same exact purity. I’m just a little skeptical of that.

Josh sent me all their current certificates of analysis on the four products that I requested. They were all done as recently as December 2017 ( my batch was produced in January) and the quality ranged between 70 and 90%. Josh said that by knowing the exact level of purity, they are able to make accurate dosing amounts on each bottle.

Here is a Link to  Every single one of their up to date Certificates of analysis:


This is the 3rd party Certificate of analysis that show a 85.6% purity level for the Cardarine

COA showing 94.6% purity for the Ostarine

Here is what Proven Peptides sent over for me to test:

MK-677, Ostarine, Cardarine, and Sr-9009. What I really like about them, from a customer service standpoint, is that they offer bottles in three different sizes. So depending on the cycle that you want to run, you can get then in  .5oz, 1oz, or 2oz. They also have a loyalty program for returning customers which is something I haven’t seen anybody offer yet. The ‘Peptide Points’ basically allows you to get money off future purchases  just from using their products.

Proven Peptides is the only company that I know of that is offering products in 3 different sizes. That way, your only spending the amount of money you need based on the length of your testing cycle.  This is the largest size bottle which is 2 full ounces.

Are Proven Peptides research chemicals legit?

At the time of using these products, I am trying to lean up some.  I was taking 10mg of Cardarine  and 20mg of Ostarine first thing in the morning. I was also taking SR-9009 a couple of times a day.  Which I took  15mg of twice a day because it has a pretty short half life.

I certainly noticed the increase in cardiovascular endurance and fat loss that comes with taking Cardarine.  However, the SR-9009 was a bit different. I have read that this stuff is a fat oxidizer that basically revs up the metabolism and acts as exercise in a bottle. The only thing that I noticed when adding it in was that it severely suppressed my appetite.  And I mean suppressed the hell out of it. To the point that I was only eating about half of my food because I literally had no desire to eat.  But, I usually feel like shit when consuming low calories. Surprisingly, this wasn’t the case here and I actually felt pretty good the whole time.

However, the scale seemed to be bemoving much faster than usual when dieting. I  seemed to easily be dropping  3 pounds weekly without having to torture myself.

I know that the Ostarine is 100% legit.

Because I experienced the same things that I did when I used OstaMuscle. What I experienced were the insane pumps, huge increase in sex drive, and all around sense of well being.  I also experienced the temporary headaches that happen for a few days when you start using this compound.  Ostarine make me really horny and helps me lean out, and this is exactly what happened while using Proven Peptides.

MK-677 is a growth hormone secretagogue.

This compound basically makes the pituitary gland release more of its natural growth hormone.  But I only suggest using this compound if your trying to take in extra calories because this is a Ghrelin agonist. Ghrelin is a hunger hormone and taking MK-677 will dramatically increase appetite. So, given that I was trying to cut weight I only used it long enough to determine if it was legit. I noticed my hands would have tingling sensation while I was sleeping. Apparently this is a common occurrence with increased growth hormone.  The other two things I noticed was that I slept alot harder than usual and my appetite start to rev back up. But like I said, I only used it for about a week and I plan on using the rest when I start trying to bulk up in a few months.

Final Thoughts and Coupon Code

I just wanna know without a shadow of a doubt that what I’m telling people to buy is 100% legit. And in my opinion, Proven Peptides is completely legit and has the proof to back it up. The only thing that I didn’t like was the taste. There is no sweetener added to these chemicals. The compounds are suspended in a carrier called polyethylene glycol that tastes pretty horrible. But its a small price to pay in order to get good results.

You can my coupon code to get 10%  off. This code can be used with other codes.  So you can actually get 20% if  you use it with the code you get when you join their email list.

The code is:


CLICK HERE to see all their products.



  1. Hard to take if you have wounds inside of your mouth, top quality though.
    Insane Strenght gain,
    Insane Pump,
    Gained 5.5 KG in just 8 days of LGD-4033 (10MG)
    I switched to EAs LGD pills after 11 days of PPs Liquid due to pain in my mouth.
    I will def. switch back to Proven Peptides Liquid in a few days after my mouth heals up.

    • Scott

      February 19, 2018 at 9:37 am

      Damn Zed!
      Those are some excellent results. I may be staking the MK-677 with the LGD in the next couple of months when I start bulking again.

      I am cutting right now and still taking ProvenPeptides Cardarine and SR-9009 and the body fat is melting off at an insane rate…..those two stacked together work wonders for fatloss.

      • yeah Proven Peptides is great.
        I was wondering, could you drop those 1 ml (10mg) of Liquid into some water and drink it to prevent the pain/taste? Like, 1ml of Liquid into a glass of water and drink it.

        • Scott

          February 23, 2018 at 8:45 am

          You certainly can and I sometimes mix mine up with a little juice to help with the taste.

          I just wouldn’t put it into anything hot like coffee because it may damage the structural integrity of the compound.

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