Tools to help you succeed


I use Bluehost because they make it incredibly easy to get a new site up and running with their one-click automatic WordPress Blog installation. Leavingweakness was created on Bluehost’s easy-to-use and extremely affordable hosting platform. Also, they provide outstanding customer service! You can use your Bluehost account to host multiple domains so you wont need to pay more for hosting when you’re ready to start another website.

Bluest is ideal for your first website, and you can get started now at only $3.95/month and your domain name will be free for the first year through my affiliate link.


Commission Junction

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to turn your website into a money making business. This is arguably the best affiliate program  website currently available and the one that I trust the most.  See my article on affiliate marketing to learn the basics of how this concept works.


Websites that kick ass

B&D is a website that teaches men how to kick ass in life and how to become self made & self paid.  Victor Pride has a very strong style of writing that definitely has way of lighting a fire under your ass.

I have purchased supplements from just about every online store you could think of. Without question,  A1 is hands down the best. I choose to promote them through my affiliate link because I use them myself. There is no other website comes close to the deals and discounts that they offer.

This is a great website for anyone who is interested in cash flow through passive income.
I can’t say enough great things about John. This dude is a no bullshit guy who has been bodybuilding for 20 years. His website is the holy grail for everyone who ever wanted to build a body and he talks about everything from how to safely do steroids to how to bodybuilding as a diabetic.
The Art of Manliness is an awesome site that revives the lost art of what it means to be a man. It encourages men to be better husbands, fathers, brothers, citizens, and how to become one with their masculinity.

The absolute best website in existence for anyone who is interested in real estate or making money through rentals.

Books That You should  Read

Rich Dad, Poor Dad– by Robert Kiyosaki. This was the book that completely changed how I viewed money.   It taut me how to make money work for me, rather than me work for my money and made me realize that life doesn’t have to be lived as a slave to money.

The Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding– by Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Simply put, this is the bible of bodybuilding. This is the best fitness reference book ever written and constantly remains on my living room table.

Becoming A Barbarian – by Jack Donovan. This is a book for men who still want to act like men. It talks about ignoring all the social justice issues in the world and just focusing on ‘your tribe’. This hits the nail on the head for anyone who is frustrated with the constant feminization of men in America.  At its core, it teaches men to be strong, loyal to their families, respected by their adversaries, to stop expecting handout, and build your own empire.

Be Obsessed Or Be Average – by Grant Cardone. If you apply the things in this book, it will change your life. I have read all of his books but this one is the best. This book delves into the mindset of what it takes to achieve your desired success and has so many amazing positive vibes.  There are so many worthless self help books out there but this isn’t one of them.  This book is the wake up call you have been looking for.

Think And Grow Rich –by Napollian Hill. This book showed me that through the power of your brain, you can literally accomplish anything that you want.

The 10 Pillars of Wealth – by Alex Becker. Another excellent book that shows you the exact steps that a young, self made millionaire to get where he is. This is a universal guide for anyone looking to succeed in just about any situation.

The Richest Man In Babylon – Babylon was one of the most wealthy cities of its time because its society stressed financial literacy on its citizens.  This book uses their ancient teachings and some hypothetical situations to show that the ‘Laws of Gold’ have never changed. The steps to financial freedom and wealth are the same today as they were 4,000 years ago.

Supplements That Actually Work


This is the only Herbal Testosterone booster that actually has data to back it up. I use it because it actually works unlike Tribulus and all that other crap that people waste money on.


Erosion contains a compound called arimistane which is an aromatase inhibitor. It prevents estrogen from building up in your body and increases free testosterone. This compound also lowers cortisol levels. You can use this with anabolic, as a PCT, or just by itself to reduce your estrogen levels. This is my favorite supplement and I use it very frequently.


This is the best alternative out right now for people who don’t want to use illegal steroids but also need a muscle builder that actually works. This is the best prohormone I have ever taken and my got-to anabolic.

Enhanced Athlete

Another excellent alternative to people who want to gain muscle faster but dont want to break the law or use needles. This is the only company selling SARMs that I stand by. I have used several other brands of Ostarine and didn’t get shit out of it. I have used several of Enhanced Athletes products and saw nothing but gains! CLICK HERE to see my review of their SARMs and use the discount code LW15 to save 15% off at checkout on any and all their products.



Other Stuff

Death Wish Coffee

I am a big fan of coffee and I like mine just how I like my music. Dark and Brutal! This is the best coffee I have ever had. In a 12-ounce cup of coffee, there is an average of 650.4 milligrams of caffeine per serving. This organic coffee has four times the amount of caffeine than other brands of coffee and is not for the faint of heart.


French Press

Here is the exact Bodum french press that has lasted me for years. People that have never used a french press don’t understand how badass they are. The caffeine content of french pressed coffee is higher than traditional drip coffee. Also, the flavor of the coffee is a much higher quality. Most people don’t know that caffeine content is dependent how long the water is in contact with the grounds. Not necessarily how hot the water is. You will have the grounds submerged for about 4 minutes when you make coffee with a french press. A traditional drip pot brewing system is only going to be extracting the caffeine for 20 to 30 seconds. Since most french press’ are made out of glass, I would suggest getting one made by Bodum because they are reasonably priced and made very sturdy.


Wall Hair Clippers

Most men get their hair cut every two to three weeks and spend an average of $20 each visit. This totals to $340 to $520 a year! Buy your own pair of clippers for $30 or $40 and learn how to do that shit yourself. Most clippers come with multiple length guards which makes it much easier do get the job done. The best part is that it is really easy to fix if you do a bad job. You just buzz it off and try again in a couple of more weeks when it grows back! Stop wasting your money and buy a decent pair of clippers!


Meal Prep Containers

If you meal prep, I highly suggest looking in to buying these containers. They are BPA free and are much more suitable than using traditional plastic-ware.