Sarms are not a supplement.

Sarms are pharmaceutical compounds intended to become a prescription drug but never made it past the research phase of development. Somehow supplement companies started selling these compounds to athletes and bodybuilders. There is also a lack of people’s understanding of what Sarms are and how they work.

Sarms fall under the gray area of the law. My understanding is its legal to sell Sarms if they are in a liquid form (alcohol suspension) because it can be marketed as a research chemical. Most of the  liquid sarms will have a warning label saying “not intended for human consumption, for research purposes only”. Supplement companies producing sarms in capsules had to stop because when a supplement is in a capsule, that suggests human consumption.

This is why many YouTube videos sarcastically talk about testing Sarms on their 10 foot spider-rabbit they go to the gym with. It’s a tongue-in-cheek way the whole “not intended for human consumption”.

I’ll be honest. The four times  I used Sarms in the past, I didn’t experience any noticeable results.

I used a sarm called Ostarine in capsule form. My understanding was that Ostarine wouldn’t cause shutdown like steroids due to the way it interacts with the androgen receptor. Shutdown is where your testicles temporarily stop producing testosterone due to exogenous hormones.

I got an aching pain in my groin that felt like shutdown from a steroid cycle on two of the occasions that I used Ostarine. This seems to be a common occurrence for alot of Sarm users. Get on Reddit and you’ll see many questionable experiences with Sarms made from supplement companies. Sarms were developed by pharmaceutical companies to treat victims degenerative diseases. They were created to have the anabolic benefits of steroids without the hormonal side effects.

Is it really Sarms in that bottle of pills?

I’ve read hundreds accounts of getting hard shutdown and developing gynecomastia issues from using sarms like Ostarine and LGD.
This leads me to believe that what is being sold wasn’t really Sarms but banned designer steroids. The government passed a law In 2014 that prohibits supplement companies from producing specific methylated prohormones that were in all actuality designer steroids. These were not really prohormones because they would have to undergo a two-step conversion your body to become an active hormone.

The supplement companies found the now out of print and very rare book entitled “Androgens and Anabolic Agents: Chemistry and Pharmacology”. Many of the steroids never made it to market due to issues like toxicity levels or too many side effects. But the supplement industry saw the endless opportunities for new products profit on.

Companies would produce a supplement marketed as a prohormone but was actuality a steroid in a pill form. The ingredient label would list the long scientific name for the compound.  When the government would ban that supplement, the supplement company would reference the book alter the formula by one little molecule. This would result in  a brand-new supplement that’s not listed as illegal. The Government finally got tired of the cat and mouse game being played and came down hard with the DACA act which instantly outlaws the overwhelming majority of those product.

The same supplement companies started peddling Sarms immediately after the ban.

This should automatically raise some suspicion! Its very possible that the supplement companies used their old stock of banned prohormones instead of Sarms. This way, people still saw results and the supplement companies didn’t lose all of their inventory. This was very clever but also very wrong,  if this is what happened.

Some people claim liquid Sarms are safer and give results. The problem is finding a legit source for these. I suggest skepticism when using forums to find more information on this. The reason is there are a couple of different liquid warm companies that their own bias on Forums. hey really try to push their brands why bashing other companies.

So my current take on arms is if you buy the capsules, you don’t really know what you’re getting.  The product is only as good as the source where the supplement company got it. And it might not even be arms that your really getting in that pill. Encapsulated Sarms are still available on Ebay if you are interested in them.

If you buy liquid arms, you don’t really know if it’s just an alcohol or real arms. It’s really up in the air from the accounts I’ve read. Some say they work great and are legit, and the other half are saying that it’s a waste of money.  Click here to see what I’m talking about.

Sarms vs Prohormones or real gear.

I’ll do a post on it If I ever find a legit source for Sarms. But that hasn’t happened yet.

The best thing is to use real gear if you are willing to go down that road but I’m not avocation the use of illegal activity. Keep in mind that you are breaking the law if you don’t have a prescription for anabolics. You can always get your bloodwork done and find out if you have low testosterone.

I recently started using Enhanced Athlete’s Ostarine and I can guarentee you that it is 100% legit. So, if you are still interested in using sarms, check out my review of their Ostarine by CLICKING HERE.

Or you can take advantage of the andro-prohormones that are completely legal and are offering pretty damn good results. The new prohormones are much safer and offer steady gains. They are based off of studied hormones that of been used for nearly 60 years like testosterone and deca-nandrolone. I would suggest using 1-ANDRO if you want to use a really good anabolic agent  that will definitely give you noticeable results. With Sarms, you’re really just rolling the dice on wasting money or getting dirty steroids that cause unwanted side effects.