There is no doubt the best way to sculpting a body is with iron. Lifting weights at the gym definitely bring the results whether it be weight loss or gaining muscle. But what if you have a busy life and can’t make it to the gym. Often times, there are outside factors in life that keep us from What we set out to do. Maybe you had stay late after work, maybe your kids have a softball game, or maybe you just overslept.

Consistently hitting the gym can be a real struggle for busy professionals or family men.

I myself an early morning lifter and there are times where I oversleep or get called into work early. My morning workouts make me feel great through the rest of the day and when I miss him I feel like total shit. More than that,  I feel guilty for not having exercised that day.

I just recently read an excellent book called 30 days or discipline by victor pride. The book is a basic and straightforward program that talks about 12 things that a man should do every day to bring more discipline to their life. Within the book is an excellent workout that I discovered thats short, effective, and straight to the point.

It can be done anywhere in as little  as 15 to 20 minutes and requires no weights or equipment.

The movements can be done slowly with concentration to give more of a bodybuilding work out. There is a huge misconception that using weights is the only way to make gains but that simply is not true.

Body weight movements can be just as effective as free weights if executed correctly. Do the movements slow and methodically and feel the muscles as they contract. Do this and it can be an effective workout to build muscle.

Or they could be done quickly to create an excruciating cardio session it makes you sweat your ass off.

The work out in its simplest form consist of 100 push-ups, 100 to set up’s, and 100 body squats. You can do them anyway that you want as long as you get them done. But The way that I found most effective was for each exercise to be broken up into circuit training type intervals.

It will consist of four rounds of 25 push-ups, 25 sit ups, and then your 25 body squats. Once you are done you will start with the second round until you’ve completed all four.

By the time you’re done you almost feel like you had a total body workout with some added cardio. I love this simple work out because it can be done anywhere just using your bodyweight. Plus it can be performed in less than 15 or 20 minutes

I really Believe that bodyweight workouts can have a major effect on your nervous system, increase our metabolism, and overall strength. Just consider how many muscle groups work together to make up a single excersize.

Bodyweight  exercises can also shine some truth on your true level of fitness.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that if you are 250 pound man then you should have the strength of one. So if your 250 pounds and can’t do more than 2 pull ups, maybe you need to lose some damn wait.