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The Middle Class Is A Scam

The middle class is a scam and you have been lied to your entire life. They sold you on going to college, investing in a 401k, save your way to financial security, and buy a house that you will never really own. You did everything that they told you to do, but your constantly struggling to make ends meet. Continue reading

How to stop wasting money

There are a lot of way that people waste money that are not so obvious.  Some of these ideas are a little outside of the box. However, they can universally apply to anyone who is focused on finding ways to stop wasting money.

Continue reading

Turning Loss Into Perseverance

The band called Type O Negative has a song with the lyrics “if you love someone, there will be grief”. I never really paid attention to those words until I got a little bit older. I think the intended message was that loss is going to happen at some point in everyone’s life. And loss is just another stage of existence.

It’s ok for you to feel devastated because thats the first step towards perseverance.
It is like lifting weights. You tear muscle down with iron and with time, the trauma creates something stronger than what was there before. Continue reading

Masculinity: Never Apologize For Being A Man


What does it mean to be masculine? The definition of masculinity is as individual as a person’s fingerprint.

One person might think of masculinity as making a lot of money and hooking up with a lot of women.  Another person may consider lifting weights to look good for the wife and coaching their kids baseball team as defining traits of masculinity. Continue reading

Eliminating Toxic People From Your Life

Toxic People

You Don’t Need Them

I have had a lot of ‘friends’ throughout my life who I now realize
weren’t really friends at all. I would do anything I could to help them out, but when I needed them, I would usually find myself very let down.

Looking back at those toxic people, I realized that they always seemed to acquire a different group of friends every couple of years. This was due to a continuous cycle of gaining someone’s trust, taking advantage of it, the friends catch on and get sick of it. Then they are forced to find someone new to prey on because they pushed everyone else away. Continue reading

Finding The Time To Workout

An overwhelming amount of people have told me that they don’t have time to workout, lose weight, or get fit. Truth be told, no one has time to do it.

We live in an age where most people are busy as hell. Statistics have shown that Americans put in more hours per week than any other county in the world. 40% of the American work force puts in more than 50 hours per week.

What if you’re a family man? Continue reading


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