I have had so many people emailing me about trustworthy and legit sources of SARMs. 

I wrote off SARMS for many years because every time I would buy a bottle of Ostarine, it wouldn’t do anything, So I just assumed that SARMs where either all completely fake or just another bullshit supplement that doesn’t deliver on its claims. This all changed when I gave Enhanced Athlete a try and finally understood that legit SARMs can deliver some outstanding results.

But the problem is that the research chemical industry has little regulation and very little testing to prove its purity.  You guys would not believe how many emails I have gotten from other readers asking if I knew if certain companies had legit products because they were tired of getting screwed. Here is the most common complaints I have been emailed about:

  1. The products didn’t work at all
  2. Purchased the product, had an issue, but customer service was virtually non-existent.
  3. Experienced negative side effects that are not supposed to be present with the compound that thought to be purchased

It is also incredibly hard to make a sound buying decision when other companies are trying to sway opinions by bashing their competition on forums and other platforms.

So here is what I’m doing. I have reached out to several of these Sarm companies that you guys have emailed me about and I am going to be scrutinizing the hell out of them for you.

I’m not going to lie, some of these companies have already rubbed me the wrong way. But right now there are three that have really impressed the hell out of me and they Continue reading