An overwhelming amount of people have told me that they don’t have time to workout, lose weight, or get fit. Truth be told, no one has time to do it.

We live in an age where most people are busy as hell. Statistics have shown that Americans put in more hours per week than any other county in the world. 40% of the American work force puts in more than 50 hours per week.

What if you’re a family man?

Unless you are an absent husband or father, having a wife and children demands your time as well. This is especially true if you have small children or a baby.

In this day in age it’s a struggle to get caught up on the latest episode of the walking dead. Let alone put in the time and consistency it takes to transform a human body.

I once heard someone say that the only thing that we know that is completely certain in life is…time.

Just how in the hell is that even possible?

Unless we somehow meet an untimely demise, we absolutely know that there are 24 hours that make up every day. If you know how much time you have, this gives you something to work with.

I saw a YouTube video years ago where someone was interviewing Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was still the governor of California and they asked him if he still worked out. His answer was “absolutely”. He said that he has to wake up early every morning to make this happen. If you do it later in the day, people and things will take that time away from you.

So here is a guy well in to his 60s with a no doubt demanding job. Who was still maintaining a marriage with 4 kids in the house, and doing constant interviews. He was also writing articles for fitness magazines while still maintaining a daily fitness routine. Love him or think he is an absolute pig, you have to admire that he still works out daily. I know someone is going to say “well that’s a shitty example because he was a professional bodybuilder, so it comes easy for him”. Keep in mind that he retired from bodybuilding in 1980, which was 35 years ago. Getting up early in the morning to workout doesn’t come easy to a single person on this planet.

If he can make it happen, so can you.

I have a pretty demanding 10 hour a day job as well as a wife and kid and I workout almost every morning because that is the only way I can make sure it gets done. I’m not going to lie, it was a huge undertaking to constantly crawl my ass out of bed at 4:40am. It was a struggle to keep from just hitting the snooze button over and over again. When I first crawl out of bed I feel like a big pile of shit. The last thing I really feel like doing is lifting weights and pouring sweat for an hour.


So here is how I force myself to workout every morning…

I have this really cheap $3 alarm clock that I bought at the dollar store. I keep it in the hallway and not the bedroom. That way my ass has to physically get out of bed and turn it off. Lets face it, actually getting out of the bed is the hardest part of the whole thing. If the alarm clock isn’t two feet away, it is impossible to keep hitting snooze over and over. If you don’t get out of bed and turn off the alarm clock that’s in the other room, I’m sure your significant other will provide with some verbal encouragement to do so.

I get my workout clothes together the night before and set them on the night stand . This way, they are ready to be put on as soon as I get out of bed.

After I turn the alarm clock off and put workout clothes on,  I get caffeine in my body. I always make Pre-workout or really strong ass coffee the night before. I keep it in the refrigerator that way it ready to go every morning.  My favorite preworkouts are Dust V2 and Adrenal Rush. I always make coffee with a French press because it tastes way better and will have way more caffeine content. Another option is to make your own homemade preworkout.

After I chug that shit, I read a fitness magazine for motivation while I take my morning dump. We all have to do it sometime. By the time I’m done, the stimulants have hit my system and I am ready to go. Or you can just start stretching until the caffeine kicks in.

I almost always listen to music that is going to keep stimulated as well.

For me, it’s usually some form of heavy metal depending on what the workout entails. Say I have a brutal chest and back workout where I’m throwing around a bunch of heavy ass weights. Then I am probably going to be listening to something pretty extreme like meshuggah, suffocation, or Slipknot. If it’s a lot of cardio, p90x, or even high reps with lighter weights, I may tone it down a bit and go with some classic rock. Whatever keeps me in the zone!

The one thing you have to do to make this work is go to bed at a decent hour.  You also need to make a better effort to get  a solid 6 or 7 hours of sleep. You don’t need 9 hours of sleep to function. I am always in bed by 9:45pm throughout the workweek.

Like I said, it took me a while to get consistent at this. If you spend a few minutes the night before, you can have everything ready to go for the morning. This is really what made it possible for me. Just give it a solid month of getting up every morning and working out. Then, take a day off and see if you feel kind of sluggish throughout the day. I usually feel crappy when I go a morning without it. It usually sets the tone for my entire day.