Toxic People

You Don’t Need Them

I have had a lot of ‘friends’ throughout my life who I now realize
weren’t really friends at all. I would do anything I could to help them out, but when I needed them, I would usually find myself very let down.

Looking back at those toxic people, I realized that they always seemed to acquire a different group of friends every couple of years. This was due to a continuous cycle of gaining someone’s trust, taking advantage of it, the friends catch on and get sick of it. Then they are forced to find someone new to prey on because they pushed everyone else away.

There are a lot of people in this world who will only maintain a relationship completely based on their ability to take advantage of you. Once their needs change, so will their need for you if they can’t take something from you to get themselves ahead.

Almost every person that I have known like this, poses a near infectious personality that people loved to be around.

They will make you feel like they are doing you a favor just by spending time with you. They will make you feel like your friendship is on the line when you do not cater to their needs. A toxic person will always bring down others around them to keep them from progressing in life. These people always seem to shift conversations to focus around themselves and seem to convince others to adopt their ideologies.

Some of the most fun I can remember having was when I was around these toxic people. That is how they reel you in. They will always make sure you enjoy yourself when you are in their presence. This way, you will be more likely to return and make yourself available to fill their needs.

However, they never seem to progress in life and typically are not successful. Although it may not always be intentional, they prey on other people in order to just exist.  Unfortunately, this form of survival is the only mindset that they have ever adopted.

Most every toxic person has a tendency to manipulate situations to make themselves look as if they have been wronged in order to get other people to do things for them.

But no matter how much you do for that person, it will never, ever be enough.

They will find a way to perpetuate the problem or move on to the next agenda on their list.  And their list usually consist problems that they will expect you to solve. This person can never truly be satisfied.
Why should you waste your precious life in a endless struggle to please someone who would never devote the same effort to you?

Stop being a sucker!

The most successful people surround themselves with other successful individuals. Instead of constantly using one another, they are learning from each other’s successes and bouncing ideas of one another. They are transparent and form life long partnerships. They look out for one another because they understand the other’s ideas and goals.

A true friendship should never feel like constant work in order to maintain its integrity. But a relationship with a toxic person will revolve solely on constant work in order to satisfy their needs.

In order to break free of these people, one of two things must happen.  You have to either switch the roles or stop going out of your way to constantly pacify them. Once this happens, you are going to notice these people decrease their involvement in your life. This is doesn’t necessarily have to be unfortunate because in the end you will see that person’s true face.

There comes a point in life where you have to decide what is best for you and your loved ones.  You have to decide if certain people are more beneficial kept at a safe distance or even totally removed.

Life is too short to be a slave to the agenda of someone else. You can be the passenger or the driver. The choice is yours.