Distractions are everywhere. With the world so connected, distractions or more abundant than ever before. So if you want to get shit done and be successful you have to take distractions away.

Did you know that 90% off all millionaires are  awake before the rest of the world? Successful people get up early to get more things taken care of because there are less distractions when no one else is awake.

Will playing games on your phone anymore success in life will that game matter five years from now?
Does the political debacle that’s going on right now really affect your daily life?

Will snooping around on social media because you’re bored have any real positive benefits at the end of the day?

I know a lot of people who can’t get a damn thing done in their day because they’re phone is constantly making sounds. Every five minutes they’re getting an email or text message. How can anybody realistically expect to have focused on her life with all these things going on?

Here is the formula for success.

Focus plus effort equals results.

Don’t let outside distractions sabotage the equation. 90% of all the information you’re consuming is probably useless nonsense anyways. And I really think that people are going to have to start getting to the point where they’re filtering out some of this data that we are constantly being exposed to.

If you’re not careful, you can allow yourself to be exposed to massive amounts of negative information. One example of this would be a couple people I I’ve known throughout my life who were huge conspiracy therapist They were absolutely miserable in life absolutely nothing they enjoyed because they  chose to only see the world for the negatives.

People today are constantly pummeled by endless information. And whenever you have so much coming into your head,  it makes it hard to focus on the things that really matter. The human brain can only withstand so much until it stops functioning to the best of its ability.

If you want to keep yourself from being distracted me a constantly stay in motion. This means you need to walk with intent of getting something done.

Work for a purpose and your life will have purpose.

I guarantee that you’ll find that you’re getting more results in life when you start adopting this mindset.
So just tune the rest of the world out and pursue your purpose. All the other stuff is just noise in the background.
Put the phone on silent, but the video game controller away, ignore your emails and get out there focus on creating something amazing.  Put  your focus into things like family, and becoming more successful.

Our brains are not designed to take in the massive amount of media, content, and distractions that we are constantly exposed to on a daily basis.

Honestly, most of its just virtual reality on your phone and things aren’t as bad as they seem

We have a Constant exposure to news 24 hours a day. And with technology, were exposed to the lives of 7 billion people on our planet. There’s no doubt that there’s some really awful shit going on in many places in the world and when you integrate that into someone’s life’s he doesn’t experience that on a daily basis it becomes quite scary. Just back away from all that stuff and realize that things are not that bad.

Especially if you’re an American. This is called the land of opportunity for a reason! So pull yourself away from your phone in the news and TV and just focus on your surroundings. 95% of your interactions on a daily basis with the people that you deal with are probably positive experiences. The world can be a exciting place if you choose to see it that way.

Just think if you lived a life or you were not exposed to any sort of news or media and imagine what your attitude would be like towards the world. Your entire interpretation of reality will be based on the daily experiences that you have with other people, which for the most part will probably be positive.

We are taking in to much data and we have too many distractions in our lives. Your outlook on life should be based around your daily interactions with people, your physical surroundings, and the experiences that you have throughout the day.

 Take away some of the distractions and start worrying about the things that matter.