Even if you don’t see the signs, it is inevitably true. Most employers are looking to replace it’s employees. However, it might not be in the same sense that you were thinking. The working class has completely been turned upside down to automation over the past 10 years. Technology is only going to keep progressing further and more automation is inevitable.

Why would a company keep people on their payroll when they can save thousands by programming machines or computers to do the work? Besides, just think about all the hassles that come with human beings. The liabilities they cause for human resource departments don’t  end with offering benefits and vacation time. It’s just easier for employers not have employees.

Most jobs today are not safe from being taken away by an outside circumstances. You are not safe, and you have to have some sort of contingency plan. Do you have anything to fall back on if the shit ever hit the fan?

This is why you need to have a side hustle in this day and age.

Making money and earning a check or not necessarily the same things. You go to work for somebody else and you make a paycheck while on the on the side you got something else that you’re growing to make you money in the future. Keep growing that thing over the course of years and hopefully one day you won’t won’t have to worry about working for somebody else. The most excruciating part about earning a paycheck from employer is the sheer fact that you are making that person way more money than what they are actually paying you.

Just put yourself in the position that the employer is in. If you could find a way to automate aspects of your business in order to keep you from having needy employees wouldn’t you do it? Just think about all the overhead and liability to comes with having employees. As someone who is managed several successful businesses, I can tell you that having employees is a huge headache sometimes.

And with increasing advances in technology you can’t really blame them for wanting to pursue more automation. Therefore I would say in most cases, your employer wants to replace you.

It might not be today. It might not be tomorrow. But somewhere down the road, they are going to want to do it when the option presents itself.

Today is also the easiest time to make money because of technology.

There are a million opportunities that are available today that did not exist just 10 years ago. Many people just don’t know how to take advantage of those opportunities.

With a little bit of money in an iPhone, just about anybody can start their own website and grow it through consist and good content. If you stay consistent with it, and learn as much as you can, you will eventually become successful.

Writing your own e-book is especially great if you own a website or blog. With an abundant amount of traffic or audience, it is not difficult to introduce the book into that marketplace. Consistently market the e-book on your website and you can literally sell it while you sleep through electronic downloads. The best part is that you will be able to keep the profits because publishers are no longer required.

Anything that you want to know how to do is available can be learned on the internet.

Want to start an online store that sells T-shirts? You can outsource every bit of that and have 100% of it done for you. If you don’t believe me just read the 4-hour work week by Tim Ferris.

My best friend works as a brick layer and makes great money. But in the winter, the work drastically slows down and so does his paychecks. He started a lawn-care company two years ago to help supplement his income.  His wife schedules the appointments and takes care of the advertising. He never even picks up a rake because he pays two guys to do all the work for him.

You can save a portion of your income every week until you can buy a home to rent out. Use the rent money to buy more houses until you have a legitimate real estate business. Form an LLC and get the tax benefits. Eventually you will have enough income from your properties where you won’t have to rely on getting paid from somebody else.

The point I’m trying to drive home here is that you have to be smart about your future.

The most intelligent and safest thing to do is continue to work your job while you also grow your side business. Have passion for whatever your hustle is going to be and do one thing every day that puts you closer to achieving your goals.

The one thing that you CANT afford to do is set idly by and feel regret because you never tried.  Many people have ideas that often never come to fruition due to procrastination.

There is always a price to pay for procrastination