Ostamuscle Review: Is Enhanced Athlete Legit?

If you look back at some of my previous articles, you’ll see that I’ve been highly critical of SARMs.  My main issue has always been over the quality of the product and whether what is being sold is actually SARMs and not left over stock of now  banned designer steroids.  Ive actually used ostarine on three occasions  from multiple companies and never really seemed to get anything out of it.

After I published my article on SARMs vs Prohormones, I received multiple messages saying that I should look into Enhanced Athlete’s products before I completely write off SARMs all together. I found out that Enhanced Athlete has each batch third-party tested to prove the purity of each product.  Me and my workout partner decided to give SARMs one last shot and see if enhanced athlete is actually legit.

I would like to note that me and my workout partner have very different goals from each other right now. I want to go for more of a body re-composition and he is looking for an all out bulk. Having said that, I chose to purchase Ostamuscle for my re-composition and he decided to use LGD for his bulk.

Ostamuscle Re-composition Stack

I purchased two bottles of Ostamuscle to do a 6 week body re-composition at 30 mg a day. Ostarine has a 24 hour half-life so it only needs to be dosed once per day.  30 mg is a fairly high dosage of this compound but my understanding is this is kind of where the sweet spot is for making gains and burning fat at the same time based around my body weight. My diet stayed at maintenance caloric intake and 50% of calories from protein and a 25/25 carb and fat ratio.

My stack also consisted of a product called Erosion, an aromatase inhibitor that lowers estrogen levels.  This is a very high dose Arimistane product and probably the best  over the counter estrogen blocker on the market right now. Click Here to see more about Erosion.

I also included the excellent fat burner black devil. This helped suppress my appetite and kept my energy level high throughout the day.  I used this in place of pre-workout and coffee throughout the six week period. Click Here to see more about Black Devil.

For post cycle therapy I chose Erosin and Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is the only herbal supplement with real scientific studies to prove its ability to increase testosterone.  Click Here to see my Ashwagandha review.

My first week of using Ostamuscle

I’ve read of a couple people bashing enhanced athlete because they allegedly didn’t get the product they ordered.  This was absolutely not the case for me at all. I actually received the product within four days of ordering.  The package from Enhanced Athlete was discreet and even came with a 15% off  postcard thanking me for my order.

The products themselves came very well packaged and had some unusual protection (black plastic instead of cotton) on the inside for the capsules.   Different from what I’m used to seeing, but nonetheless effective.

The label indicated that this product is not for human consumption and for research purposes only.  It may sound scary if you’re not familiar with SARMs but this is important because SARMs are not supplements. And that was always an issue I have with supplement companies passing them off as such. They are pharmaceutical compounds that are only able to be sold as research chemicals.

This Ostarine was different from other brands I’ve used in the past because I felt the effects within a few days. On the third day of using Ostamuscle, I got really bad headaches that lasted for about two days.  It was like a cyclical migraine that would come and go every two or three hours . My workout partner using LGD also experienced these effects around the fourth day.

I began to experience a massive increase in sex drive

During the sixth day of usage, I began to experience an unusual tightness in my testicles. It didn’t feel like suppression from prohormones or complete shutdown from steroids.  I would describe it as a  slight tightness in the back of my scrotum.  Similar to the feeling that you get before you have an orgasm.  Over the next few days I experienced constant erections and a very noticeable increase in sex drive.

I was either constantly trying to suppress the urge to masturbate or screwing my wife multiple times a day.  This is unusual because Ive read Ostarine may suppress your  libido and testosterone levels. So, I didn’t  really know what that was all about, but I welcomed it nonetheless.

I did some research on this and found out that this could be because we  see an increase on free Testosterone when starting ostarine due to its binding to the androgen receptor. This allows more testosterone to roam about the body freely. The human body will eventually notice this. It will then cause some slight suppression putting you back at what your body recognizes as base level.


Then came the results.

On the 10th day, I had one of the greatest pumps I’ve ever had during a shoulder workout.  I literally had a pump that seemed to last half the day.  I also noticed an increase in vascularity during the workouts and an overall better sense of well-being throughout the day. Week after week I saw noticeable fat loss accompanied by moderate gains. I would compare my gains to newbie gains that someone new to lifting would experience in their first few months of working out. But the fat loss is what really impressed me with this product.

Again, keep in mind that my goals were for a re-composition and my diet stayed at maintenance. Based on my experience, Ostamuscle certainly has nutrient partitioning abilities. The product was exactly what I was hoping for and suited my needs perfectly.

I really think this is great for someone who is looking for some fat loss  or moderate gains. The results from Ostamuscle are steady and less durastic that steroids or prohormones. But I feel that I was able to maintain my result much better that I had with other anabolics. And I didn’t experience some of the more negative side effects, like lethargy and shutdown, that come with other compounds.

Ostamuscle DID NOT require a major post cycle therapy protocol, and I really felt fine just by using Ashwagandha and Erosion. There wasn’t the usual bounce back period that often comes with more hormonal compounds.


My final thought on Ostamuscle and Enhanced Athlete

I still feel that real gear and prohormones like 1-Andro provide faster and more drastic results. The downside here is the results aren’t usually sustainable after the cycle is over.

So, Enhanced Athlete may be a great option for someone with reasonable expectations who is looking for a legitimate SARM source. I would caution everyone to fully research any foreign compound that your putting in your body and SARMs are no exception. I would also caution females to especially be cautious about using Ostarine, considering that it is a derivative of Bicalutimide.  I’m not saying that Ostarine is or isn’t safe, I just want everyone to obtain all the information available before taking something that will alter your body’s chemistry.

I can tell you that I was very happy with my results and the service provided by this company.  I will certainly use this product again and look forward to trying some of Enhanced Athlete’s other products in the near future.

So, I contacted Enhanced Athlete about getting a discount code for our readers and they were kind enough to do so.
Click HERE to see more about Ostamuscle and use the coupon code LW15 to save 15% off at checkout on any of their products.

If you have any questions about my experience, leave a comment or email me at admin@leavingweakness.com





  1. What were your strength gains like?

    • Scott

      July 28, 2017 at 6:29 am

      Hey Chris,
      I didn’t really notice any strength gains. However, I did notice that my tendons and joints felt much stronger while using this compound. The normal aches and pains from heavy lifting Significantly decreased.

      • Did you do anything to get rid of the headaches? I’m experiencing these too

        • Scott

          August 15, 2017 at 8:48 am

          The headaches passed after a few days but here is what provided relief for me.

          I drank a lot of water and cut back on the caffeine for a few days because inadequate dehydration and/or poor bloodline has been shown to cause migraines and and excessive caffeine WIll restrict blood flow.

          I noticed that wearing sunglasses outside and keeping the lights dimmed really helped.

          If you absolutely need to take an over the counter painkiller then I would strongly recommend using less liver toxic medicines like ibuprofen instead of things that contain acetaminophen like Tylenol. I only resorted to this a couple of times when it got real bad and only took half a dose and that was plenty enough to stop the headache. I still advise being careful with that.

      • Ive tryed yk-11 grom enhanced athlete and loved it great gains strength increase and much more just purchased ostamuscle and was gonna ask being my third sarm cyxle should i do more than 30mg a day or split dosage? Thanks in advance also im using aracodonic acid at the same time to boost my gains snd muscle soreness

        • Scott

          October 4, 2017 at 3:14 pm

          In my experience, dosage is dependent on bodyweight and goal. I was looking for more of a recomp (fat loss and lean gains) and 30 mg was the sweet spot for me. Towards the end of my cycle, I did bump it up to 40mg and noticed slightly better effects.
          My advice here is that once you go into higher doses, the effects will be more steroid-like as far as gains. However, the compound may at that point become more suppressive to natural testosterone production. Either way, ostarine is certainly one of the least suppressive SARMS.
          Ostarine probably won’t be as strong compared to something like YK-11.
          So, You may want to check out LGD-4033 or RAD-140 if you are looking for a seriously strong bulking compound.

  2. Just ordered 2866 and 4033
    Planning to use 1 capsule a day
    Maybe bump it up if I don’t feel anything
    Doing one product at a time
    Is pct needed after a 8 week cycle?
    Was the whole outside of the bottle wrapped in this black plastic?
    Worried costums in europe will take it in

    • Scott

      October 28, 2017 at 8:17 am

      In my honest opinion, 10mg would work really well if you are a female. I think Ostarine dosage should start at 20mg to see muscle growth.

      Smart choice only running one SARM at a time. I feel they work best like that because when stack they oversaturate the androgen receptor and compete with one another, which equals slower or less results in my opinion.

      Ostarine is not that suppressive and would only require an over the counter PCT if you even decide to do one (the higher the dosage the more suppression-like 50mg) but I would suggest doing it anyway just to be safe.
      LGD on the other hand is very suppressive to free testosterone and I would absolutely suggest PCT.

      The black plastic was only on the inside of the bottle to help protect the integrity of the capsules.

      • will I need a pct for cardarine or andarine?

        • Scott

          December 11, 2017 at 10:33 am

          Cardarine does not affect the endocrine system whatsoever, so no PCT is required. However, S4, or Andarine, it’s very similar molecule to that of ostarineand will require a mild PCT. You should be able to and will require a mild PCT. You should be able to get it recover just fine with something that has a r recover just fine with something that has arimistane in it. Though, you may want to research the vision side effects that come with using S4. Many people choose to use Ostarine because it is very similar to S4 but lacks those vision side effects

  3. Hi
    Is this a good replacement with whey protein? Also, should you use this Ostorine daily or use this after the effect wears off?
    Am planning to buy this one but am a little scared with the label that this is not recommended by WAD and DFA.

    • Scott

      January 13, 2018 at 7:38 pm

      Ostarine is not a supplement like whey protein. It is a strong pharmaceutical compound that is in the gray area and will eventually be put on the list of banned substances. Ostarine is a selective androgen receptor modulator or what is known as a SARM.

      I’m really not trying to come across as a jerk by saying this, but I really would like for you to do a little bit more research on this compound before making the decision to purchase it. I only say that because your question leads me to believe that you might not really understand what you’re considering buying.

      Good luck to you, and I’m sure you’ll come to the right decision.

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