I needed a fat burning stack that was actually going to work

Me and my wife just had our second child and let me tell you that it’s really hard to drop weight when you have a pregnant wife. Having a baby is expensive and I wasn’t going to throw away money on a supplement that wasn’t going to give me results.

I also have a demanding career which only allows me to workout at 4am. I usually feel like shit and unmotivated when I crawl out of bed. Usually I have to chug preworkout to get me going, but I don’t think that I’m going to need to do that anymore.

Almost every preworkout contains beta-alanine and I hate the tingly feeling that it causes. I prefer to workout on an empty stomach and I’m especially not huge fan of drinking a bunch of really sweet Liquids first thing in the morning.

So, Black Devil was pretty much a godsend and it works in about 15 minutes. There is just enough stimulants in this to get wake my ass up and get the heat pumpin. And rather than making me feel methed-out, like a lot of preworkout, I just feel like my brain is working at maximum efficiency.

This is because Black Devil also contains several nootropics that increase mental focus.

Staying focused was always the hardest part of dieting because when I eat less food my brain tends to fog up.

This eventually leads to me constantly thinking I  want to eat because of the lack of energy.

I have tried a lot of other fat burners in the past that would make you feel real good for a couple of hours and then you get jittery and crash. Then it would be like my brain wouldn’t work at all till I got food in me.

With Black Devil, it’s like the energy and focus gradually climbs to a peak and stay there for about 5 hours. I experienced no crash whatsoever and did not have hunger pangs.

The way that I used this product is I would take take two capsules (along with 2 pyretics)upon waking at 4am and would lift weights on an empty stomach for an hour.  I did not eat after the workout. I took another one at 10am and by brain was kicking ass all morning long without constantly thinking about being hungry.

My first meal of the day was at 11am and I would usually feel very satisfied after. I would do 20 minutes of cardio after work at 4:30pm. And I would  sweating like hell, which I believe is from both products used together.

As far as Black Devil goes…

As long as this product is on the market, I have no reason to buy Preworkout or coffee again. I feel like this is really versatile product.  It can could be used as a pre-work out, focus enhancer, or a fat burner.

If you use this as a pre-workout product, its going to be way cheaper for you in the long run. Because  two capsules of Black Devil work better than any pre-workout I’ve ever had and it comes with 120 capsules per bottle.

I’m going to order this product again because it works.


As far as Pyretic goes…

Its hard to  actually feel the effects of non-stimulant supplements, so I was pretty skeptical about this product. But the ingredient panel and dosing looked awesome. I took 2 capsules first thing in the morning and two at night before bed.

I took this product by itself for three days just to see if it was only the Black Devil that was doing. Here is what I’ve noticed when I took this product by itself.
1. I sweat a lot more than usual while doing cardio and yoga
2. Still had some appetite suppression
3. And this is the odd one, I actually feel like I have better resperatory function during cardiovascular training.

What is in Pyretic

Cyanidin-3-Glucoside is a rare product that helps to mobilize fat to be used as energy, while retaining glycogen storage.

Myo-inositol-trispyrophosphate (ITTP) is used to increase oxygen to the muscle, producing better results in physical performance, and allowing maximum caloric expenditure.

Chromium picolinate is added to help regulate blood sugar levels and decrease food cravings.


Keep in mind that your diet is always the most important part of losing weight

Without being in calorie deficit, your body simply won’t lose fat. So I stayed 300 calories below maintenance, the first months and decreased it by another hundred each month until I meet by goal.

I kept my protein little high than a gram per body weight. My carbs stay around 20% and were all lower glycemic foods like sweet potatoes and brown rice.

Here is what my macros and calories looked like on the diet.

The bottom line

I bought two bootles of each because I knew this diet would last for at least three months. I dropped 6.7 pounds after two months and most of that is obviously from the cardio and diet. But I really feel like both these products made it easier to reach my goals.

This is the  first time that I didn’t feel like complete shit while on a diet. I used them as a stack and honestly felt pretty damn good the whole two months.

Lets say you want that stimulant edge in the morning but later in the day you want to unwind. Black Devil can give you energy and but when the end of the day comes you can still use Pyretic. Pyretic will allow you to keep the fat burning up, but will not prevent you from sleeping.