For the past few months I’ve been paying attention to a fellow blogger named Dan that is known as The Bodybuilder In Thailand.  This guy is worth your attention and anyone who has an interest in fitness can learn something from him.

He tells the truth and lets you decide what to do with it.

The bodybuilder In Thailand prides himself in providing all the information he wishes he had when he started bodybuilding.

He doesn’t hold anything back and that is what people need right now.

Plus he is entertaining as hell with his penis enlargement article entitled bodybuilding for your dick. But he also creates inspiring content about never being satisfied and getting the most out of life.

So who is the bodybuilder in Thailand?

Dan is an American blog artist who has been living in Bangkok Thailand for the past couple of years. He is a  10 year gym veteran who candidly shares information that is based on his real life experience. This is an honest dude who isn’t afraid to educate people on the edgy topics of bodybuilding. And by edgy, I’m talking about steroids.

But The Bodybuilder In Thailand also opens people to breaking away from corporate slavery and living a life of freedom. He has a great step-by-step tutorial on how he makes money on the  Internet that I suggest EVERYBODY read.

Dan had originally get his start on the Internet with the website that he developed call while  he was making income from the supplement company selling whey protein bars.

At some point, the guy got fed up with the corporate America lifestyle and decided to say fuck it.  He took all the money that he was making from his website and decide to move to Thailand in live is life on his own terms and create the website

I don’t feel like this guy gets the recognition that he deserves.

The internet is full of bullshit information and broscience that just isn’t valid. Dan is a true breath of fresh air in an age where it seems more difficult to find good content backed by experience and solid information. If I could compare him to anybody, it would be like a up and coming version of johndoebodybuilding.

Keep in mind that Dan is a fairly young guy still in his 20’s, so his content is just going to keep getting better down the road. The bodybuilder In Thailand also offers personalized online coaching via webcam if you need professional help to get big.

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