Fitness Experts You Should Be Following

Knowledge is power, but what if your conditioned with the wrong knowledge?

In the age of mass communication and infinite information, our minds are often polluted with an overwhelming amount of false information and constant  garbage that seems to be everywhere.

I have assembled a list of 6 fitness experts who I believe are true masters  in the fields of nutrition, fitness, and supplementation. If you are looking for professional advice that is drama free, these are the fitness experts that you need to be learning from.

John Doe Bodybuilding

John Doe Bodybuilding

If your new to bodybuilding, this needs to be your go to guy for pretty much everything. John is an old school motherfucker who is a real straight shooter about everything. This fitness expert has thousands of articles on his website that can answer just about any health or fitness related question you could ever ask. Get this, he is a competitive bodybuilder who also lives with diabetes!

One thing that John also does that I really wish more people would do, is put bodybuilding into perspective. He basically preaches that bodybuilding and fitness should not take over your life, but rather help enhance it in order to help you become a better person that enjoys life. He is a true family man that speaks very candidly about his life, which makes him an even more viable source of inspiration.  John has two excellent books that are available on his website.

Todd Lee MD

Todd Lee MD

Dr Todd Lee is probably one of the most qualified fitness experts on the planet to take any sort of advice from. He is a Medical Doctor, Biochemist, National Champion Bodybuilder, and owner of Valhalla-Labs. I would describe him as a way more awesome and knowledgeable version of Dr Layne Nortan and Dr Jim Stoppani.

He is a highly intellegent and raw guy that loves death metal and doesn’t hold back on anything he wants to say.  Dr Todd has an excellent youtube channel that is completely free of bullshit and is a goldmine of knowledge. His supplement company, Valhalla Labs, has some of the most generously formulated products available.

Because he gives more knowledge than pretty much anyone else out there, it really is a damn shame that Dr Todd isn’t more well known. Your really missing out if you don’t check out his website at  and



The Guerrilla Chemist

The Guerilla Chemist

Brian Moscow is the Chief Science Officer for Blackstone Labs and is a certified biochemist who is responsible for formulating all of Blackstone’s products.  Brian maintains a Facebook and Instagram page that talks about the science of supplements and explains how things work based on actual science. Each week, Brian has ‘Molecule Monday” where he breaks down different compounds and how they work.

He also has an excellent podcast call The Guerrilla Chemist Radio that is a fucking knowledge goldmine for all supplement users and fitness enthusiast. The guerrilla Chemist has formulated several highly popular Blackstone Labs supplements such as Glycolog, Dust Extreme, Trojan Horse, and Abnormal! This guy has so much knowledge  that I really can’t do it justice by telling you about it. Go check him out at



Jerry Brainum

Jerry Brainum

I first found out about this guy through several interviews that he had done on Ric Drasin’s Youtube channel. This guy is is an untapped treasure chest of knowledge and can pretty much tell you anything you want to know about SARMS, anabolics,  Hormonal production, diet, and training protacols.

Jerry has the unique ability to communicate difficult scientific concepts and put them into practical advice that can be used by anyone interested in improving their athletic performance. Jerry Brainum has published more than 3,000 articles in magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Flex, and Muscular Development. He has been a columnist for Ironman magazine since 1985, was the science editor of Muscle & Fitness magazine from 1987 to 1995, and editor-at-large at Flex magazine from 1995 to 1997.

Jerry is a sought-after sports performance nutrition advisor for many professional athletes and has worked with  Oscar De La Hoya,  Floyd Mayweather Jr., 1996  Olympic boxer Vasili Jirov,  pro basketball player Vlade Divac, and has assisted many of the top names in bodybuilding for more than three decades.  He also trained with Ric Drasin  and Arnold Schwarzenegger at Gold’s Gym in the early ’70s.

He has a bullshit free youtube channel HERE and can also be found at



Ric Drasin

Ric Drasin

Ric Drasin was a bodybuilder during the golden era of bodybuilding and was actually Arnold’s training partner for a few years. Ric has a very accomplished wrestling and acting career. He even stared as the “demi-hulk” on the original TV show The Incredible Hulk in which he was the person playing the transition figure between Bill Bixby’s character leading in to Lou Ferrigno’s character. Ric is also the designer of both the  World’s Gym and Gold’s Gym logos.

He has a really popular Youtube channel that host his show ‘Rics Corner’ where he has tons of really knowledgeable guest from all different aspects of the health and fitness industry.

Believe it or not, he used to have Rich Piana on the show constantly, years before he ever blew up on social media. Ric Drasin also likes to show a lot of his rare home-shot footage from the golden era of bodybuilding that he was a part of. Ric Drasin has a lot of great experiance and understanding of pretty much every aspect of the fitness world and speaks very candidly about his experiences. He has a great personality that is pretty much an open book on everything and even speaks openly about his past steroid use.


Seth Feroce

Seth Feroce

Seth Feroce was a young IFBB pro bodybuilder who had the promise of becoming one of the top competitors of the sport. He decided to leave it all behind at the peak of his career due to strains on his family life and the strangling obligations of former supplement sponsorships.

Seth stayed away from the sport for several years but made a huge comeback this past year as a guy who just wanted to be a better version of himself this time around while focusing on giving people as much experience based knowledge as possible.

He started the All American Roughneck brand and has an excellent Youtube Channel that touches on diet/supplement protocols, goes through proper ways to execute often wrongfully perfomed exercises, and often gives life advice on how to be a better person.



  1. thebodybuilderinthailand

    November 19, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    i am an avid fan of ric drasin, jerry brainum and john doe. these guys are excellent fitness gurus who have the EXPERIENCE to back up the talk.

    • Scott

      November 19, 2016 at 5:11 pm

      Thats awesome! I am glad that someone else knows whats up.
      To anyone reading this, Checkout thebodybuilderinthailand youtube channel.
      He definitely has some great content and some solid experience as well!!!!

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