How to start a blog with badnet

The Most Easy And Cost Effective Way To Start A Blog Is By Using Badnet by Bold & Determined.

I am not an affiliate of Badnet or Bold & Determined nor was I paid to right this review. I simply want to let everyone how legit Badnet is. Hopefully, I will tell you what I wish someone would have told me years ago.

I always wanted my own website for a creative outlet to share ideas and experiences to help people. I never made the step toward actually doing it because I thought it would be too difficult to learn.  Additionally, I thought it would be too expensive to pay someone to do it for me.

Badnet is the genius idea of a highly motivated man named Victor Pride. Victor runs an awesome website called Bold & Determined. The site teaches people how to change their mindset to improve themselves to become winners.  I had been readings Bold & Determined for a couple of years and constantly wished that I had the kind of resources Victor had so I could create my own website.

I kept on seeing insinuations for Badnet throughout the site over the past year but I never really thought about it until he put out the article How to Start a Blog Overnight.

Light bulbs went of a soon as I got done reading the article. Over the next few days I kept toying with the idea.  If Badnet was what it truly claimed to be, I would be a fool if I didn’t utilize this opportunity.

I am telling you with the utmost sincerity. I have absolutely no regrets in taking that step forward because Badnet really is what it claims to be.

Here is what BADNET does.

Badnet is a free service that sets up a wordpress website for you in less than 24 hours.

They will install the 7 basic plugins that you need to get going.

They give you 4 free electronic books that show you how to blog, opperate a website, and monetize it. These books were so useful that I actually printed and stapled them together to make one master book.  That book stayed on my coffee table for two weeks due to constant reference use.

You will get a free domain name for the first year.


Here is how BADNET works

Decide what you want your blog or website to be called.

You go to and see if that domain name is available.

You purchase the package plan that best suits your needs. I suggest basic for 1 year if you are a beginner as it is the cheapest and easiest option. It only cost me $84 to purchase  my own .com website for an entire year!

You fill out a blog setup form on Badnet and within 24 hours your website is ready to go.

That is it.

If you have ever wanted to have a blog or a website, this is the way to go.

I was very sceptical that there would be some sort of catch or hidden agenda but there wasn’t. You get a kickass deal and Badnet makes their money by referring people to hosting on Bluehost as an affiliate.

It took 5 minutes to pick my domain name, choose the hosting package, and fill out the form on Badnet. The next morning, my website and all the plug ins were fully installed. The 4 promised e-books were sent to my email along with a PDF file containing all my passwords.

I only paid $84 dollars for the entire year with absolutely no hidden fees. Ive been moving along ever since. The hardest part of the whole part of the whole process was coming up with a domain name. Keep in mind that this service is note confined to blogging setups. It can also be used to create a brick and mortar online store. The possibilities are only limited by your level of creativity.

If you need proof, then know that this entire website was created using Badnet.

I chose to write this article because I believe in it and it works.


If you want to know more GO HERE

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  1. The question is are you turning any sort of profit? If so, how long did it take? Are you at least getting enough traffic to pay for the monthly fees?

    • Scott

      June 24, 2017 at 7:49 am

      As long as you write with conviction and consistently put out content that truly gives people value/knowledge, you will find success. I choose to pay all my fees annually and paid for self within the first three months after I figured out how Affiliate marketing through click links and SEO worked.

      traffic has grown and is steady to where I do see a nice monthly profit, it is not enough just yet to quit my day job. However, all of my website profits go directly into my Real estate rental side business, which has really helped excel that much faster.

      But just remember that you’ll never find success if you never get started. As with anything in life, you only get out what you are willing to put in.

      I can tell you that I certainly don’t regret it one bit.

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